Today we’re going to talk about how the QAnon prediction that their messiah, Donald Trump, would miraculously be sworn in as president yesterday, March 4, just didn’t come to pass.

It was so sad, seeing all those poor, misguided people being so disappointed. But alas, I’m sure they’ll have another fake day to look forward to.

All that’s from a piece called “You’ve Been Q’ed” on Not Fake by professor Chris Waldron, one of our most prolific and insightful commentators.

Then, after that, I’ll launch into some commentary by Susan Hutchinson, also from Not Fake, “GOP Transgender Ignorance on Full Display.”

It’s all about how Republican disdain for the LGBTQ+ community was so evident as the House passed the Equality Act this past week banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

It’s a terrific piece, and that will be Part 2 of our podcast today. But first, let’s check out “You’ve Been Q’ed” by Chris Waldron from Not Fake

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