In this episode, Jackie and I explore the hearafter and how Jackie, after she dies, would like to come back in her second life either as an assassin or a nun.  What? Where did that come from? I thought maybe it's because some nuns were mean to her in school when she was a kid, making her want to be an assassin. But no, she says, that's not the reason. But I think she has some first-hand experience with a Mafia hit-man, maybe.  Then, I ask if there is somebody she wants to kill. She just looks at me. So if I turn up dead soon, you'll know what happened. She got sick of doing "The Bob & Jackie Show." When I come back from being murdered by her, I want to be a tall, handsome dude with a cool accent like Antonio Bandaras -- or even that guy (Mandy Patinkin) in the 1987 fantasy movie, "The Princess Bride," who famously says, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die."  A Spanish fencing master, that guy was cool, and in my second life, if I can't be like Bandaras, I want to be like him. I'll even rescue a beautiful princess like he did -- if necessary. In this silly episode, we also cover Did Ya Ever Wonder as Jackie asks why two words like "Finger" and "Ginger" are spelled similarly, but pronounced totally differently.  I tell her I have no idea and ask why she asked me. "You're the word man," she replies. When we asked NFN writer Chris Waldron, a college English professor, what he thought, his answer was "English is a strange language." Thanks, Chris, that was helpful. Our third topic in the episode asks why women are expected to take the husband's last name when they marry. "Ownership," says Jackie. Then she told me it was a "dumb question" when I asked if she thought that was unfair. I guess it was. So if you have 15 minutes or so for a laugh or two, check it out. Also, while you're there, please consider subscribing to our new YouTube channel. Just hit the Subscribe button.

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