Source: Today we’re with Sandy Phillips Kirkham, who when she was 17 years old, was raped by her pastor, a young, married man who callously took advantage of her admiration of him, and desire for his attention. His name was Jeff Coulier. The first time took place in the pastor’s house, in his bed, and that is how she lost her virginity. She had given this “man of God” her trust and he violated that trust, just as he violated her. And he was worried about washing the bloody sheets before his wife came home. That was just the beginning of Sandy’s trauma of betrayal. After many years, Sandy decided it was time to confront that past if she was to heal. She writes, “With the healing came my need and passion to speak out about clergy abuse.” She works with The Hope of Survivors ministry and is on the board of the Council on Child Abuse. She’s spoken to many groups and churches on the topic of prevention and has met several courageous survivors. And so, she wrote a wonderful, riveting book in which she tells her story. It’s a story of lies, manipulation, coercion, and abuse, but it’s also a story of courage, resilience, and bravery. The name of her book is “Let Me Prey Upon You.” Sandy, thanks for joining us today on Lean to the Left.

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