Would you like a way to help everyone in your personal and professional networks vote faster, easier, and smarter – and help Democrats win – even in traditionally Republican areas? Today we’re with Wayne Liebman, director of operations and “hairball detangler” at BlueVoterGuide.org, a new, unique get-out-the-vote tool built by grassroots organizers for everyone. It’s progressive, simple, and shareable—bringing along all voters, including hesitant first-timers, to make voting easier and fun. Prior to the 2022 election, Wayne oversaw the creation of Blue Voter Guide. It’s a volunteer-led platform that makes voting easier by showing the endorsements of a wide range of progressive organizations. Blue Voter Guide had over 50,000 users in nine states in 2022, and will expand to all 50 states in 2024. A physician, playwright, and political organizer, Wayne worked to unite Southern California’s grass roots activists and Democratic party infrastructure into a winning alliance in 2018. He helped build SoCal Blue (initially Swing SoCal Left) to co-ordinate efforts to flip SoCal’s five Republican-held swing districts. SoCal Blue fueled the growth of local coalitions (Action Councils) and served as public event hub for thousands of district flipping activities. Following the November, 2018 sweep, Wayne took on the role of Director of Operations for Field Team 6, (Register Democrats, Save the World) partnering as a volunteer with Jason Berlin and C.O.O. Dale Roy Robinson to grow the organization into a national voter registration powerhouse, helping to register nearly 2 million Democrats and contributing to winning a Democratic trifecta in 2020. Wayne continued his work with SoCal Blue and Field Team 6 in 2022. So Wayne, welcome to the Lean to the Left podcast. We’re anxious to hear about the Blue Voter Guide. Q. Can you fill us in on the Guide got started and how it works? Q. Is this only for the battleground target states? Q. You’re going to expand to other states, right? It would certainly be valuable in states, like South Carolina, where Republicans dominate but there is a huge influx of new voters from the northeast who need to be encouraged to vote. Q. Does the Guide include all Dem candidates, including local? How about Independent candidates? Q. How about ballot initiatives? Are they included? Q. Can you get a completed ballot to take with you when you vote? Q. What’s been the response? Q. Where can people learn more about the Blue Voter Guide? Q. Are you looking for volunteers to help spread the word? In what areas do you need help? Q. Are there events planned, like phone banking, etc.? Q. How can people sign up to volunteer? Q. I see on your website something called Current Storm. What’s that all about? Q. Are you working directly with Democratic organizations to expand use of the Blue Voter Guide?

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