Source: Bringing Civility and Innovation to Politics: Together's Vision for the Future Lean to the Left podcast hosts an insightful discussion with Jason Palmer, Debra Perry Piscione, and Kwame Jackson, co-founders of Together, a new organization aimed at reducing political polarization by mobilizing young voters and endorsing a new generation of leaders. Aiming for inclusivity, civility, and entrepreneurship, Together seeks to transform American politics by endorsing candidates who represent common sense and bipartisan values. The podcast delves into the founders' backgrounds, the mission and structure of Together, and their plans to engage and rally young Americans for a profound political impact. The Timeline: 00:00 Introduction to Lean to the Left Podcast and Jason Palmer's Political Journey 01:05 Launching 'Together': A New Organization for Political Change 01:47 Meet the Co-Founders: Their Roles and Visions for 'Together' 07:29 Jason Palmer's Reflections on His Presidential Run and Future Plans 08:57 'Together's' Strategy: Endorsing Candidates and Mobilizing Young Voters 14:11 Addressing Political Divisions and Fostering Civility 20:45 'Together's' Approach to Political Issues and Candidate Endorsements

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