Source: How do you feel about all of those online ads that pop up whenever you’re online or on social media? Are they helpful? Are they intrusive? Are they generally just a nuisance? Do they make you want to toss your phone against the wall? Do you feel like they’re invading your privacy? One minute you’re searching for info on a new blender and a half hour later ads for blenders pop up when you’re reading the news online. How does that happen? Dr. Don Vaughn, who is with us today, is head of product at a digital information company called Invisibly, and he’s got the answers. They’ve just done a survey about consumer attitudes about these issues, so I figured he’d be the go-to source to help us understand all of this…and how we unwittingly contribute to this advertising trend. Plus, he says that Invisibly has come up with a way for regular people like you and me to make money from these ads. Really?

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