Source: Carolina man who has seen three family members die from overdoses of drugs apparently spiked with carfentanil, today we’re with Dr. Bill O’Connor, who treats such patients. Dr. O’Connor is a family physician and works at the Little River Medical Center in South Carolina, a community health facility, that serves everyone – including the homeless, migrant farm workers, and others with little or no financial resources. He tells me that currently there are some 200 drug overdose cases, just in his medical center alone. We’re going to learn more about that problem and how it’s affecting peoples’ lives. And, we’ll also learn about community health facilities and their need for financial support. “Opioid use disorder is pretty evil,” Dr. O’Connor says. “It gets to the point where it isn’t a personal choice. You are driven.” Welcome, Dr. O’Connor, to Lean to the Left.

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