If you’re a senior paying exorbitant prices for prescription drugs, the news out of Washington is not very good. That’s because legislation that would help lower those drug prices appears to be stuck, apparently the victim of intense lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry, which reportedly has lured a number of Democratic legislators into its camp. And there is very little, if any Republican support. So, the forecast for this proposal, a priority of President Biden, is mostly cloudy at best. Today, we’re with Chris Orestis, president of Retirement Genius, an expert on financial health, long term care, and retirement issues. Considered a political insider and senior issues advocate, Chris is a former Washington, D.C. lobbyist who has worked at the White House and for the Senate Majority Leader on Capitol Hill. Chris sheds insight into what consumers can do to overcome the power of the pharmaceutical lobby and convince Congress to provide the relief that they so desperately need.

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