Welcome to NFN Radio News…brought to you by the progressive news blog site…not fake news.biz, filled with cool commentary on the key stories of the day…plus stories about people in all walks of life…interviews…and some funny stuff, too.Welcome to NFN Radio News…brought to you by the progressive news blog site…not fake news.biz.I’m your host, Bob Gatty, founder and publisher of Not Fake News.biz. Nearly every day we narrate our top blogs that I write with a team of other outstanding writers.A former national wire service reporter and bureau chief, I served as chief of staff for two U.S. Congressmen – one a Republican, the other a Democrat – and then launched an editorial services company based in Washington, DC. and ran a couple of magazines, did some political stuff, and even worked for some lobbying organizations.Then in 2016, I retired to Myrtle Beach, SC and soon launched Not Fake News. It was in response to Donald Trump’s constant harping about the fake news media…which he labeled the enemy of the people.Today, Not Fake News.biz has thousands of readers from across the U.S. and around the world. Our blogs cover politics with a progressive perspective, setting the record straight about Trump and his Republican cronies in Congress.But in addition, Not Fake News – or NFN for short – also includes blogs about happenings of everyday life – often funny, always touching on events common to many of us. We write and post every day, and that’s with the help of a great team of contributing writers.  Now, the NFN Radio News podcast will provide the best of our blogs to you in narrative form, often narrated by the authors themselves. We’ll also offer the soundtrack from the un-famous but very funny Bob & Jackie Show, available on the Not Fake News You Tube Channel. Any time you need a laugh, that’s a good place to go.NFN Radio News is our effort to provide more convenience to people on the go.I hope you enjoy our offerings and will become a regular listener and subscriber to NFN Radio News.Now, check out our episodes! There’s a new one almost every day.   

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