Today on the December edition of the Dixie Dems on the Lean to the Left podcast we’re taking a look at the mid-term election, Sen. Ralphael Warnock’s win in Georgia over Herschel Walker, and what’s still ahead. With me are Arthur Hill, from North Carolina, and Robert Thompson, from Georgia.

Arthur is communications chair of the Brunswick County, North Carolina, Democratic party. Robert Thompson is based in Atlanta and founded Peach News Now and its opinion podcast, Got Damn Liberals, which is worth a listen.

Me…I’m based in South Carolina, home of Sens. Lindsey Graham and Uncle Tom Republican Tim Scott.

The big news, of course, is Warnock’s victory in Georgia. Robert, what are your thoughts about how that turned out and what that means for Democrats there going forward.

What do you guys think about Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona switching to Independent? Do you think this will have any lasting impact on what Dems can get done?

Arthur, North Carolina is at the center of a redistricting case now before the U.S. supreme Court, Moore v. Harper. Can you tell us what’s going on?

The case stems from North Carolina Republican efforts to stack Congressional districts in their favor, so much so that a state court threw out the GOP map and enlisted a nonpartisan panel to come up with districts that are much fairer. Now that’s been challenged by the NC Speaker of the House and other Republican lawmakers.

Looking back at this past year, what do you guys think were the most significant political events…The Jan 6 hearings…the Midterm elections…The FBI Mara-lago raid?

The Dixie Dems consensus: President Biden's ability to maneuver key legislation through Congress, despite intransigent opposition from Republicans, and his ability to hold the Senate for Democrats and avoid the "red wave" predicted in the House is the political story of the year.

Take a listen:

Show Transcript

[00:01:01] Robert Thompson: I was gonna ask you because there's that photo of Herschel and Lindsey Graham and that other guy, I can't remember who else came to try to help him out, but I didn't know if, Lindsey Graham, you as a constituent there, if he has provided any feedback on the result from the election.

[00:01:18] Bob Gatty: He is been pretty quiet. Wow. Imagine that. Yeah. Yeah, He's been pretty quiet. I haven't seen much I was casted around this morning to see if he. I just didn't come up with anything. 

[00:01:34] Robert Thompson: Is that unusual for Lindsey Graham? Coming up with anything ? 

[00:01:38] Bob Gatty: That's a good question,

[00:01:41] That's a good question. Then of course we have Tim Scott, who's, this guy African American Senator who votes like a white supremacist. . I don't know. I can't figure out.

[00:02:00] Robert Thompson: Why? Yeah, one of the memes that, you had Trump and Herschel Walker in the same photo picture and Hershel's asking Trump, he said why did I lose?

[00:02:13] And Trump responds and goes, who are you? 

[00:02:16] Bob Gatty: Yeah 

[00:02:17] Robert Thompson: How many times are the Republicans gonna have to lose and maybe we shouldn't let them listen to this because this is a great strategy for us. Any, anything that Trump touches, it's going to implode. , and this is yet another example of that. Yeah It happened up in Pennsylvania. It happened here. And there were several other candidates that he tried to put his backing on and it just does not work. And the, news about Trump and his crime family mafia style crime family, it doesn't get any better. 

[00:02:55] Bob Gatty: No, it gets worse and worse.

[00:02:57] And we can talk about that in a little bit more detail if you want to. I'm just wondering though Robert, what do you think? Is ahead for Herschel Walker. Has he got a political ? 

[00:03:18] Robert Thompson: He's probably hoping for another pandemic involving werewolves and vampires so that he can submit yet another falsified.

[00:03:26] Excuse me. Let, me go back. He, didn't false. He he put on paper that he had eight employees, but he told everybody else he had 8,000 employees . So, he's going to find another way to submit another p loan reimbursement to, continue whatever the hell he is doing in Texas.

[00:03:45] There, there was also a photo that popped up on Twitter. So in, in metro Atlanta, when you're coming into Atlanta on 75 South, coming outta Tennessee, there's a big shopping complex. His tour bus someone snapped a photo that he allegedly broke down on the side of the road and hopefully he made it back to Texas.

[00:04:05] I wish him the, best because they, can sure use him out there. But he's just a hot mess. Monday evening I don't know if any of you watch MSNBC but Joy Reid came to Manuel's Tavern. For whatever reason, Manuels just tends to be this progressive gathering of people.

[00:04:25] It's in a very hip, progressive part of town. And I don't remember the exactly the, lady's name, but her sentiment, she was the face of black voters matter. And she said that Putting Herschel Walker on the ticket here in Georgia was a slap in the face to black people to think that they were that stupid, right?

[00:04:49] Just because of name recognition and whatever. It doesn't work, and it clearly did not work. It, was a horrible idea. Everybody knew it. And, that's where we are.. 

[00:05:02] Arthur Hill: And and I think expanding on that theme, I think that the Democrats are running the risk of doing the same thing with the Hispanic vote.

[00:05:12] They're they've, taken it for granted. And I can't remember. I, saw a survey might have been the North Carolina that that only 50 percent of the total Hispanic vote went for Democrats in the last election. And we gotta be careful. We gotta watch how that goes or we run the same risk of that that Robert's talking about.

[00:05:42] Bob Gatty: I don't understand. I don't understand that. I don't understand how it is that the Hispanic voter can consider supporting Trump or any of the Republican policies. They just seem to be counter to anything that's of, benefit to them. 

[00:06:09] Arthur Hill: I, the the, Cuban vote in Miami that they've always voted Republicans I don't think you're gonna change that portion of his Hispanic blocks mind.. But yeah, I don't understand that either. It's, very difficult. It seems to be counterintuitive in a lot of different ways, but no more counterintuitive than a, blue collar American who thinks that Trump is a savior. When exactly the opposite is true.

[00:06:40] You just can't convince them otherwise. Yeah, 

[00:06:43] Bob Gatty: that's true. That's an excellent point. 

[00:06:47] Robert Thompson: And also I wanna point out I'm looking at numbers like Warnock spending 52 million dollars.. You've got Herschel Walker spending 21 million outside groups, pouring 60 million into these. Why does it have to be this expensive and, Someone made a quote years ago and said, if your vote did not mean anything, they would not be trying so hard to take it away from you. And clearly if you do the math that every vote cast results in all thousands of dollars one way or the other. Something's not right, . Yeah, no, that's, you have to pour all that money into this.

[00:07:27] And now we're hearing that the right wingers, they're not stopping there. They're going to the Supreme Court and they're wining and dining Supreme Court justices to make decisions their way. 

[00:07:41] Bob Gatty: That ought to be against the law. 

[00:07:44] Arthur Hill: Oh, yeah. It, probably already is it's certainly unethical.

[00:07:50] For sure. And it certainly wouldn't, it certainly wouldn't fly if if it were, another court at another level. Amazing. Yeah. Yeah. But speaking of the Supreme Court, yeah. You wanna talk about Moore versus Harper? 

[00:08:09] Bob Gatty: Yeah, let's talk about that. That's a really important redistricting case that comes out of North 

[00:08:14] Arthur Hill: Carolina, right?

[00:08:16] Yeah, The the, North Carolina State legislature has been, has I, think every year for the last 12 years, the Republicans have put forward a redistricting plan that has been consistently beaten back by the state court system. I guess the Republicans and the legislature finally lost their sense of humor and decided to launch a suit which takes into account an obscure old esoteric legal theory, constitutional theory called the Independent State Legislature Doctrine.

[00:08:59] And what that means basically is that the state legislature is all powerful in setting election law and it should not be subject to review by any other branch of government, including the state court system. Moore, who's the speaker of the house and some of his colleagues filed a suit with the Supreme Court invoking this this doctrine and and asking the court to rule on it.

[00:09:30] Oral arguments were last Wednesday. And clearly the out, depending on the outcome of this case, it could have a, an immediate and devastating impact on on how courts, state courts in any state could administer or, adjudicate on on gerrymandering or, any other kind of redistricting law that the state legislature passes.

[00:10:00] Interesting. After the oral, arguments, which by the way all 50 state Supreme Court Chief Justices filed an amicus brief in opposition to the to the plaintiffs in the case. Which is interesting. I don't I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know if that's ever happened before.

[00:10:19] But but that it happened now is certainly indicative of how one portion of, state government is approaching this case. But following the oral arguments the, people who seem to be able to read the smokes trails from these hearings Thought that there was a pretty good chance that the court would vote against the doctrine and and the North Carolina State legislature would lose the case.

[00:10:48] The, in addition to the liberal judges on the court they were thinking that chief Justice Roberts, Kavanaugh and and Coney Barrett would vote against the the, North Carolina legislature, which would be enough votes, along with the three liberal votes to, to give a clear victory to, the people who are defending who, who are on the defense here.

[00:11:16] It's gonna be an interesting case. It's probably not gonna be decided until later next year, later in 2023. But it needs to be decided soon because in North Carolina, at least the the, districts that a master appointed by the state Supreme Court. After the last round of suits the districts that the master chose to be valid for the next election have expired.

[00:11:44] So right now we're in total limbo on which district is where and so we're hoping that the, decision comes down pretty fast. So we'll see what happens. That could have 

[00:11:56] Bob Gatty: Far-reaching effects nationally. 

[00:11:59] Arthur Hill: Absolutely. The Supreme, depending on how the Supreme Court rules, and they could do a carve out.

[00:12:05] They could it doesn't have to be a black and white situation. But but yeah, absolutely. If, the Supreme Court says that the independent state legislature doctrine applies and is the way the found the way the authors of the Constitution wanted it to be. Then obviously that that same doctrine applies to every state, which pretty much and, depending on what state you were in it it would tar either party.

[00:12:36] Maryland, for example they're, the Democrats are pretty famous for their gerrymandering. Ways and but they would be free as would the legislatures in any other state to go ahead and, decide whatever it is they wanna do. And it could have an impact in other election related laws as well.

[00:13:01] Voter ID laws in North Carolina, for example, are, would be back on the table. And and, another thing about North Carolina, which I don't think is true in every state, the governor does not have a veto authority over a gerrymandering really. Whatever the state legislature passes right now is subject only to judicial review.

[00:13:24] Wow, that's amazing.

[00:13:29] Bob Gatty: You wanted are you done talking about about Georgia and the 

[00:13:34] Arthur Hill: election? Robert. 

[00:13:38] Robert Thompson: The only thing that I'll say Warnock, I'm sorry, Herschel spent way too much time in North Georgia. If you look at the map basically north of Atlanta all the way up to the borders Yeah.

[00:13:52] Was extremely red. And in some cases, and if you watched him, MSNBC and Steve Kornacki, he actually digs into all these different counties. There were counties that more people came out the second time for Herschel than they did the first time. But then you get south of Atlanta and it was just like, I don't know, did his bus not make it down there?

[00:14:12] You had huge swaths of areas. My, my hometown down in southwest Georgia voted for Mr. Warnock. And then you had this it, almost reminded me a bit of a, rust belt. It's not quite what it was, but there was this blue strand that went through middle Georgia from Augusta to Athens, to Macon over to Columbus, and then down into southwest Georgia, which is where I'm from and all those areas vote blue.

[00:14:41] Bob Gatty: Do you have any sense as to why it was that so many people voted for this idiot? 

[00:14:49] He had 

[00:14:49] Robert Thompson: an R next to his name. That's the only reason. I, I don't know all these people putting party over a country. I, cannot explain it otherwise. There was never anything good that came out about him.

[00:15:04] He was described as a carpet bagger that moved to Georgia to, to run in this race just because he had name recognition. And 

[00:15:13] then there were 

[00:15:13] Bob Gatty: all these scandalous events that he had to defend. Yeah. 

[00:15:20] Arthur Hill: Was he running for the Senate before Trump swooped in and a endorsed him?

[00:15:24] Did, when did or, did Trump recruit him? 

[00:15:27] Robert Thompson: No, Trump recruited him. He was living in Texas. 

[00:15:30] Arthur Hill: So he, and he wasn't contemplating running for the Senate until, Trump convinced him to do it, allegedly. 

[00:15:40] Robert Thompson: He even went in an interview and said he, he didn't care anything about politics.

[00:15:45] There was footage of him saying that, and then all of a sudden he wants to be senator. 

[00:15:51] Arthur Hill: I haven't heard anybody else say this, so I don't know if it's true, but I think that, I think it's a particularly sad case that and, Robert you, touched on it about the, black vote, but I, I think a lot of people thought as you pointed out, that that he was gonna get, he was that, that running a black Republican would attract a lot of black votes.

[00:16:16] Wasn't true, but that's what they thought. And I think a lot of white folks exploited him. And I think it's, I think it's sad. I think he's a pretty sad case for politics in America. Yeah. Oh, I think 

[00:16:33] Robert Thompson: it's it, was very clear that he was put up as a puppet, as a token, and a lot of people saw straight through that.

[00:16:41] Arthur Hill: Yeah. It's, I think it's sad. In a way I feel sorry for him. 

[00:16:47] Bob Gatty: \Yeah, I agree. 

[00:16:49] Robert Thompson: He wrote a book about it, so you can go buy the book and send them a couple of dollars if you want. But you wrote a book about it. Allegedly. Yeah. . That was his response. Anytime anybody confronted him with something negative, he said I wrote a book about it.

[00:17:02] Go read it.

[00:17:04] Bob Gatty: Okay, . All. All right. So is, he finished as a politician? He is. 

[00:17:14] Robert Thompson: Maybe he'll, he can be a werewolf catcher in Texas now. , I'm sure they're creating a position for him. , there's probably a 

[00:17:20] Arthur Hill: lot of werewolves in Texas anyway. Yeah. 

[00:17:24] Bob Gatty: Okay. 

[00:17:25] Robert Thompson: Send him down to the border. He, can use his fake badge and arrest people coming over the border if he needs something to do.

[00:17:34] Arthur Hill: I loved Obama's. I loved Obama's comments when he was talking about that. He said, I had the same argument myself when I was . That was great. 

[00:17:46] Bob Gatty: Oh, alright, so the Democrats were all happy that they, that. They now had a two seat majority in the Senate. 

[00:17:54] Arthur Hill: Yeah. Maybe, yeah. Cause they had

[00:17:56] Bob Gatty: breathing 

[00:17:57] Arthur Hill: room.

[00:17:57] Robert Thompson: But now And what would, Krysten Sinema 

[00:18:00] Arthur Hill: do? Yeah. 

[00:18:01] Bob Gatty: Exactly. And so now she's come out as. Saying that she's gonna be an independent, not a Democrat. So what do you think that means going forward for the Democrats? 

[00:18:16] Robert Thompson: Ah, Felicia, she never really voted. She's another Manchen. Yeah. She never was all the way in the party anyway, so 

[00:18:22] Bob Gatty: I, no, she wants, I don't think it'll make all that much difference.

[00:18:25] No. 

[00:18:26] Arthur Hill: And, she wants to keep her committee assignments, so she wants to keep her committee assignments. She's gotta, she's gotta at least caucus with the Democrats. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And if the caucuses with the Democrats, it'll be just like it'll be just like King from Maine and Bernie Sanders.

[00:18:41] They're both Independents too. So I, don't really think it makes that much difference. Yeah. Plus independent as in, in the first place. Yeah. 

[00:18:50] Bob Gatty: I tend to agree with you there. . 

[00:18:53] Robert Thompson: But I don't know specifically about Kyrsten Sinema. If you remember when she came out of the closet as being this radical whatever, and she wasn't fully democrat.

[00:19:03] That Emily's List, I'm not sure if you remember or that are very active in the Carolinas, but Emily's list had sent her money and they're pretty progressive women's organization. They threw her out with the bathwater. Yeah. Said bye lady. You were insane and we're not supporting you anymore. I mean out for total donations with all their corporate money, it probably wasn't a whole lot of difference, but it's just I, don't know.

[00:19:28] I, can't explain that. But I was even researching for the show you, got back in the seventies and eighties when the south was pretty controlled by Democrats for way different reasons. And you had all of these long-term politicians. Some were still in Congress, like the senior senator from Alabama.

[00:19:50] He switched parties from Democrat to Republican when it was the thing to do. And people have short attention spans and short memories, especially Republicans, they can't remember anything allegedly the past week, 

[00:20:03] Bob Gatty: Strom 

[00:20:03] Arthur Hill: Thurmond effect. Yeah. . 

[00:20:06] Bob Gatty: Yeah 

[00:20:07] Robert Thompson: they're the party of Lincoln, so you know . 

[00:20:11] Bob Gatty: That's right. They're all right. Looking back at this past year, what do you guys think were the most significant political events? The January 6th hearings. The midterms, the Mar-a-Lago raid by the F B I of Trump documents .What? 

[00:20:36] Robert Thompson: I, wanna commend dark Brandon.

[00:20:37] Have you guys seen the memes that go around about dark Brandon Network? That cuz all the Republicans say Brandon, whatever, but, oh, the Democrats have come in with this dark Brandon thing where, you know, Biden has like laser red eyes and he comes in give the old man credit.

[00:21:00] He uncle Joe or whatever he wants to call him. He did not lose seats in the Senate. We have the, power struggle that we're gonna have, but it's a very narrow power struggle. That you've got over in the house now? And the, I don't, I'm still looking for the red wave.

[00:21:19] It hasn't it hasn't it, rained like cats and dogs here today, but it was not Red Rain. I'm still looking for it. 

[00:21:28] Arthur Hill: I, agree with Robert. I think Uncle Joe is, the story of the year and, what he was able to accomplish legislatively. And I wouldn't put it past him to be able to pull a few more rabbits out of his hat even with Congress the way it is now. Particularly if what seems to be happening to McCarthy in the house comes to pass that he can't get, he can't get a Republican party to vote for and to be speaker, and that the moderates in the party Republican party will join with the Democrats in electing somebody else.

[00:22:03] If that happens then I think the, sky is blue and the, and cloudless as far as what Joe Biden can do in the next two years. So I think what he accomplished in the last year is, the number one story of the year as far as politics is concerned.

[00:22:24] Bob Gatty: Yeah, I agree with you. It was, and it was despite constant, opposition and belittling and just horrible treatment by, the Republicans, he continued and just held firm and did what he needed to do.

[00:22:46] Robert Thompson: And, I I, spent a decade in the mortgage business and I had I had never seen mortgage rates as low as they got. And if you go back to. Seventies and eighties when inflation was as nearly as bad as it was now you had mortgage interest rates that were in the double digits, what, 11, 12, 13% back in the eighties.

[00:23:08] You guys are old enough to remember that. I was just a little kid, but you've got but. Honestly to this whole inflation thing, the Republicans never had an answer for that. It was only the Democrats who had the balls to go out there and say, no banks, you cannot charge this ridiculously low interest.

[00:23:28] That's what's fueling inflation. And interest rates were way too low for way too long because Republicans didn't have the balls to do the right thing and actually fix it before it exploded. Like it did.. And, I want to give him credit for that because putting the right people in the right place at the Federal Reserve setting all this policy, imagine if they had not done, we're still looking at 3% interest rates.

[00:23:54] People would be taking wheelbarrows of money to the bank and just burning it. 

[00:23:59] Arthur Hill: And that's an interesting point. The, common cry from, whoever's defending the president is that in, times of inflation is the president doesn't have that much to do with the economy.

[00:24:16] His most important weapon is he does have the power to appoint governors on the Fed at the regional and the national level. And and that's a lot of power. And a few phone calls to the right folks from people who got appointed to fill those chairs is probably as good as it's gonna get in terms of lobbying and in terms of trying to get something done.

[00:24:39] So I wouldn't be at all surprised if Biden had a lot to do with with the Feds starting to increase the rates. 

[00:24:46] Robert Thompson: And, let's rewind a minute back to the depression. Remember when we were on the gold standard and it was not sustainable and you had the progressive people going out there and doing things that we got with the New Deal back then creating Social security, Medicare propping up the financial system that is sustainable. It's the same thing as at work now, folks and, this was created back around the depression. Imagine if we didn't have that, if we were still struggling with some kind of unsustainable gold standard, people would be jumping off of cliffs and leaving the country.

[00:25:22] And it's, it, the system works for lack of a better term and, nobody ever wants to go back and give anybody credit for any of that. 

[00:25:32] Bob Gatty: You guys think anything is really gonna come out of the January 6th hearings? It just seems to me like it's just going on and on and, the attorney general to me hadn't done anything.

[00:25:50] Am I just reading this wrong or what? 

[00:25:53] Arthur Hill: I, think the, most important contribution that, that committee's gonna make will be. And I'm not I'm, not positive this is gonna guy, I don't have any inside information or anything, but I think that when the report comes out, It's gonna be a really interesting read.

[00:26:13] It's gonna read like a book. I think they're gonna, I think they're gonna do the report like they've done all the hearings and they're gonna make a narrative that's, easy to understand. And that's and that's riddled with important factoids that are interesting and fascinating.

[00:26:29] And I, think that's probably gonna be the most the, best seller of, any report that Congress has ever produced. and I'm, look, I'm looking forward to, I'm looking forward to read it and I've, read a lot of congressional reports and I that don't necessarily look forward to reading them.

[00:26:45] But this one 

[00:26:47] Robert Thompson: And I'm gonna put my Republican hat on for a second. It is unprecedented for a current administration to go after a foreign president. However, what a shit show. Yeah. For he, was in office for four years. Once he gets in office, we find out about all the stuff that the Stormy Daniels stuff, all the stuff that, that came out while he, that is a shit show of a presidency that happened over the four years and, for these people to be so shortsighted and whatever is fueling it as a whatever dumpster fire he pulls out of the week.

[00:27:25] But it's, embarrassing that happened here in the us. I, am embarrassed that he stayed in office and it keep, telling the story. Otherwise we never learned from anything. If, you're a Republican, you're looking for some carpet to throw all this under so that you can try to win the next election.

[00:27:46] And that's embarrassing that your party was taken over by such radical people like that. The, Republican party just needs to give it up. They need to have the Bush Republicans and the Trump Republicans and just go their own way and create it. If okay, America, you want a third party, then there you have it.

[00:28:03] Yeah 

[00:28:04] Arthur Hill: I, I mean that I, there's a scenario there's a, it's not too hard to imagine a scenario where just exactly that would happen if the Republicans do get a, set of junk and and are able to kick trump out, or at least deny him the nomination. It's very easy to imagine Trump going off and running as an independent or, starting a third party and splitting the vote in the Republicans and biden's in for another four years. That's a very easy scenario to imagine happening. 

[00:28:36] Robert Thompson: And this is a joke this whole thing about the prisoner swap recently is couldn't he have offered Trump in that prisoner swap

[00:28:43] He loves Russia and Putin so much.

[00:28:46] Bob Gatty: Yeah. So you, guys are, assuming that Biden is going to stick it out and run for 

[00:28:56] Arthur Hill: a second term. Yeah, I am 

[00:28:59] Robert Thompson: Robert. I think he will be there to, to primary and but I, think there are other folks look at his cabinet, that there are some stellar people out there that are other op and, I'll support whoever the, party's nomination as we have to.

[00:29:18] You, you cannot have this fractured mess. That is happening on the Republican side. I'll, support whoever we all come together and get behind. And we got behind her. You remember Biden was not really the front runner 

[00:29:32] Arthur Hill: No, not until South carolina. 

[00:29:35] Robert Thompson: And so it's gonna be an interesting two years, 

[00:29:40] Arthur Hill: What do you guys think about Biden's idea on how to run the primaries? Georgia and South Carolina are gonna be in the top four, right? 

[00:29:50] Bob Gatty: Yeah. South Carolina's gonna be number one. Yeah. Yeah. I don't under, I don't really get why they pick South Carolina to do that unless it was.

[00:30:02] Robert Thompson: I did ask that question and that there are some ties to Uncle Joe and, all this stuff. And, I think if you go back and, looked at all the different states, it was one of the states that came out and, actually voted Biden for that. Early on. Right now New Hampshire and Iowa, everybody keeps looking at those two states every year.

[00:30:26] And. New Hampshire maybe, but there's not many folks up there. And then you've got Iowa that is pretty consistently. They, hell, they put Chuck Grassley back in him, isn't he From Iowa? The meme keeps going around that the he, when he started that, the chocolate chip cookie wasn't even invented yet, which I thought 

[00:30:45] Arthur Hill: was extreme.

[00:30:46] Robert Thompson: You got someone like that. No offense to you guys, but he's that old white man that you know the Republican voters keep coming 

[00:30:55] Bob Gatty: around to. Why did you say, no offense, . 

[00:30:59] Robert Thompson: We wanna have a politically correct show 

[00:31:00] Arthur Hill: here. 

[00:31:01] Bob Gatty: Okay? Okay. So we are, Arthur and I are white.

[00:31:07] We are older than you. Yes. But that doesn't mean that you should apologize. Yeah. And, but, and referring to us 

[00:31:17] Arthur Hill: in that way we're forward thinking. Progressive Democrats you know Exactly 

[00:31:23] Bob Gatty: right. Old white man, rule . Exactly. 

[00:31:28] Arthur Hill: We still have, minds to work with. That's right.

[00:31:34] Bob Gatty: I'm gonna be 80 years old in January and I haven't stopped doing anything. That I want to do and I don't know why I said that. What's that got to do with a price? With a price of anything? 

[00:31:52] Arthur Hill:

[00:31:52] Robert Thompson: was trying to go against Chuck Grassley and he's around the same age there, so 

[00:31:56] Bob Gatty: No, Chuck Grassley's.

[00:31:58] Chuck Grassley's way older than me, man. Oh, okay. When I worked on Capitol Hill, he was still he was there then. , and he was an old geezer then, and that was back in . That was back in the. Seventies, late seventies 

[00:32:17] Arthur Hill: Right 

[00:32:17] Robert Thompson: by. But I have actually talked to Kellen Gracie, he does the, it's like the three rural white guys podcast or something like that.

[00:32:24] They're based out of Iowa. Oh. And they're begging for someone like Stacey Abrams. And because Iowa is pretty much all white people it's, not nearly as diverse as Georgia or South Carolina when you look at all the different demographics. I always thought 

[00:32:41] Arthur Hill: that, I always thought that the Iowa primary was a depressing event anyway.

[00:32:45] Number one you always see these pictures of Of endless horizons of flat horizons taken at night. And there's snow on the ground and it's cold and it's dreary and, these people have to travel 30 miles to go to somebody's living room and stand on one side of it while the their opponents stand on the other side.

[00:33:06] It just seems to and, they're all White and they're they're, not diverse. And and it just it's, it looked depressing to me. I think moving it to, South Carolina, the weather will be better. They'll do more events in the daytime. Much more diverse crowd.

[00:33:25] It'll it'll, generate the hell out of the Democratic party in, in, in in South Carolina. I'm, sure I'm looking for great things from Horry County. I really, and I hope that it bleeds over into North Carolina. I, really do. And Georgia will continue the momentum. They'll just continue going and it'll go from being a, purple state to, blue state and, no time.

[00:33:48] I think it's great. I, like the idea. I hope it gets approved. Good. Of course, I guess it has a problem in Georgia, right? With a Republican Secretary of State. Might not get approved, might not let that happen. 

[00:34:00] Robert Thompson: Oh, I'm sure. He, had some interesting moves these past couple of weeks. Yeah we'll, see.

[00:34:07] It, I'm not opposed to it and I, think it will show a different story than we've always gotten out of New Hampshire and Iowa, so 

[00:34:17] Arthur Hill: Oh yeah, definitely. But, it is the other aspect of it is definitely a political payoff. Particularly with South Carolina . Yeah it's, definitely a payoff, but Hey, that's politics.

[00:34:31] It is. That's the White House's version of gerrymandering, 

[00:34:36] Bob Gatty: okay. I don't wanna get too much into 2023 predictions, because that's the January show. Do you guys think Trump is done politically?

[00:34:56] Robert Thompson: The be there, I still get some votes. He, still has Mar-a-Lago. He still knows how to work the media. It's unfortunate. But he's gonna be around until he dies or until 

[00:35:07] Arthur Hill: he goes to jail or, 

[00:35:09] Robert Thompson: leave and 

[00:35:10] Bob Gatty: goes to Russia. You think there's any chance that he'll go to jail?

[00:35:14] Robert Thompson: No, it, it does not appear. Even with this the stuff that what New York went after his whole organization and his company, he was never named individually in any of that. Yeah, I don't know it, let's flip the tables and remember all that Benghazi stuff that happened years ago. And for better or for worse the, media and how everybody consumes information slash news keeping these reminders out there.

[00:35:47] You, if you say something once versus if you say something 50 a dozen a hundred times you know that there's some value to that. I think, at least I know people get tired of it here in Georgia the whole thing of Republicans and Democrats ruin Thanksgiving because we all had to deal with that, with the runoff.

[00:36:08] But it's still information that people may forget they're shortsighted or maybe they hear about it a different angle and maybe it clicks. Okay. 

[00:36:21] Bob Gatty: All right. 

[00:36:22] Arthur Hill: I don't think it'll ever be, I don't think you'll ever be in the White House again. But I think you'll always, there'll always be for that 30% of the population that believes in Trump and and will do anything they can to support 'em that 30% I'm afraid is, his legacy and it's gonna be with us for a long, time before they crawl back underneath their rocks.

[00:36:46] Bob Gatty: Okay. Anything else you guys? 

[00:36:48] Arthur Hill: I'm looking forward to next month. So, we have to have some projections, huh? 

[00:36:53] Bob Gatty: Yeah. Okay. Some projections, predictions and goals for the new year too, 

[00:37:03] Arthur Hill: okay. 

[00:37:04] Robert Thompson: Yeah. And that is a good point cuz you know, here we are we're, going into the holidays if we're gonna go in, but January, February, what are we've gotta keep the momentum up..

[00:37:17] Otherwise we're looking at a Republican president, probably next. And so how do we get the messaging out? How do we make sure that that doesn't happen? Yep. Politics is not a spectator sport. 

[00:37:30] Arthur Hill: By then the the Brunswick County Democratic Party will have a strategic plan on how it's gonna project itself in a deep red county.

[00:37:42] I, can share some of that with you by next month. So that'll be interesting. It will be interesting.

[00:37:50] Bob Gatty: Alright, thank you guys. This has been fun as always. And we'll come back in January and we'll have our, look ahead for 2023 from the Dixie Dems. Happy holiday. Happy holidays. 

[00:38:09] Robert Thompson: Yeah.

[00:38:10] Bob Gatty: Thank you guys. 

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