Would you like a way to help everyone in your personal and professional networks vote faster, easier, and smarter – and help Democrats win – even in traditionally Republican areas?
Today we’re with Wayne Liebman, director of operations and “hairball detangler” at BlueVoterGuide.org, a new, unique get-out-the-vote tool built by grassroots organizers for everyone.
It’s progressive, simple, and shareable—bringing along all voters, including hesitant first-timers, to make voting easier and fun.

Prior to the 2022 election, Wayne oversaw the creation of Blue Voter Guide. It’s a volunteer-led platform that makes voting easier by showing the endorsements of a wide range of progressive organizations. Blue Voter Guide had over 50,000 users in nine states in 2022, and will expand to all 50 states in 2024.

A physician, playwright, and political organizer, Wayne worked to unite Southern California’s grass roots activists and Democratic party infrastructure into a winning alliance in 2018. He helped build SoCal Blue (initially Swing SoCal Left) to co-ordinate efforts to flip SoCal’s five Republican-held swing districts. SoCal Blue fueled the growth of local coalitions (Action Councils) and served as public event hub for thousands of district flipping activities.

Following the November, 2018 sweep, Wayne took on the role of Director of Operations for Field Team 6, (Register Democrats, Save the World) partnering as a volunteer with Jason Berlin and C.O.O. Dale Roy Robinson to grow the organization into a national voter registration powerhouse, helping to register nearly 2 million Democrats and contributing to winning a Democratic trifecta in 2020.

Wayne continued his work with SoCal Blue and Field Team 6 in 2022.

So Wayne, welcome to the Lean to the Left podcast. We’re anxious to hear about the Blue Voter Guide.

Q. Can you fill us in on the Guide got started and how it works?Q. Is this only for the battleground target states?

Q. You’re going to expand to other states, right? It would certainly be valuable in states, like South Carolina, where Republicans dominate but there is a huge influx of new voters from the northeast who need to be encouraged to vote.

Q. Does the Guide include all Dem candidates, including local? How about Independent candidates?

Q. How about ballot initiatives? Are they included?Q. Can you get a completed ballot to take with you when you vote?Q. What’s been the response?Q. Where can people learn more about the Blue Voter Guide?

Q. Are you looking for volunteers to help spread the word? In what areas do you need help?

Q. Are there events planned, like phone banking, etc.?Q. How can people sign up to volunteer?

Q. I see on your website something called Current Storm. What’s that all about?

Q. Are you working directly with Democratic organizations to expand use of the Blue Voter Guide?

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Show Transcript

[00:02:15] Wayne Liebman: Thanks, Bob. Glad to be here. 

[00:02:17] Bob Gatty: Hey, man, can you fill us in on the guide, how it got started and how it works?. 

[00:02:22] Wayne Liebman: Yes. It got started at SoCal Blue, which was a calendar hub website. And for the 2018 elections, we got a lot of questions about ballot propositions in California.

[00:02:37] So we created a page that was a grid, and along each row was one of the ballot propositions in the state. And across the top, each column was a endorsing organization, and we just filled in the grid so that there were check marks Yes. No, all the way across, so you could take a quick look at any proposition and see what the support was.

[00:03:01] And people did this and they loved it, they said. This is what I've been waiting for. This is an x-ray of who is supporting different propositions. So thousands of people used it. We repeated it in the next election and then we got the crazy idea. We saw some of these national websites where you could type in your address and you could look at your ballot.

[00:03:27] They would show you all the elections that you could vote in. But they, these were nonpartisan. And also they gave you all the information that they could possibly get about a candidate. So if you wanted to get a PhD, And learning about what a candidate was about, you could go to one of these sites and you could read for days all the policy positions and the backgrounds and so forth, but it wasn't really a very efficient way to nurse somebody along that was a hesitant voter.

[00:03:56] So we decided to combine the idea that you could type in your address and look at a ballot, which was gonna look like your ballot, but that what you would see were these endorsements, and that's what Blue Voter Guide is.

[00:04:07] Bob Gatty: Okay. Now, is this only for the battleground states or in the battleground target states, or what?

[00:04:15] Wayne Liebman: It was a very daunting thing to even think about doing this in one state in California. Yeah. And we got really ambitious and we said, okay, we're gonna do it in Battleground states in 2022. So we did nine states in total in 2022. And in 2024, we're gonna do all 50 states. 

[00:04:35] Bob Gatty: Okay. I can see that it would be, certainly, it would be valuable in states, for example, like South Carolina, where I live where Republicans dominate.

[00:04:48] But there's a huge influx of new voters from the Northeast who need to be encouraged to vote. They come here and, they talk to their neighbors and their neighbors tell 'em, oh, this. Republican territory, you don't need to worry about voting. We got it covered and so they don't go vote and they, need a different message, man.

[00:05:14] Wayne Liebman: What we find is that especially new voters and young voters can be very hesitant. And, we've found that they, don't wanna vote wrong. They don't wanna make a mistake. And that's one of the things that stops people from voting. So anything we can do to make it easier for someone to have confidence in their decisions is gonna encourage people to vote.

[00:05:37] And that's. That's what we're trying to do. There's millions of people that do not vote because they're scared to make a mistake. 

[00:05:44] Bob Gatty: Okay, so this is all an online thing, right?

[00:05:48] Wayne Liebman: It's completely online. You go to blue voter guide.org. You can go there right now. And it's active in the one race that's going on.

[00:05:57] There's a primary in Wisconsin for the Supreme Court and you can just type in WI in the address field for Wisconsin. And then it will take you to the Wisconsin ballot and you can see what it looks like with all the people who are running for Supreme Court and how the recommendations stack up..

[00:06:16] Bob Gatty: Okay. Now, does the guide include all Democratic candidates, including local? 

[00:06:21] Wayne Liebman: It includes, most candidates in most places, but it is not a hundred percent complete. If you live anywhere in the United States. Yeah. You can put your address into Blue Voter Guide and you will see your national races.

[00:06:38] You will see statewide races, you will see state ballot measures, and you will see your state legislature candidates and you'll see all the candidates. You don't just see the Democratic candidates, you'll see all the candidates. And if you live in any of the top 100 metropolitan areas, you'll see down ballot as well.

[00:06:58] We're constantly increasing our down ballot coverage. The goal someday is to have down ballot everywhere, but we don't have all the down ballot races everywhere at this point. 

[00:07:09] Bob Gatty: How big of an organization is this?

[00:07:11] Wayne Liebman: It's a grassroots organization and I would say at this point it consists of maybe 75 volunteers.

[00:07:19] Nobody is paid on Blue Voter Guide and it's a lot of work as you can imagine getting all these endorsements. 

[00:07:28] Bob Gatty: Yeah, I can see that. Now, so you say it also include, besides the candidates, It includes indelpendents, right?

[00:07:36] Wayne Liebman: That's right. The independent races are pretty interesting. The way we do it is if it's a partisan race, if there's Republicans running against Democrats in a race as Republicans and Democrats You can tick off the Democrats if, you can pick the Democrat you want and it will show up when you go to print your ballot or save your, guide, your ballot guide. You can't vote for a Republican. It's against our principles. We don't want anybody to be able to tick off a Republican. We're not interested in electing Republicans , but for nonpartisan races, the candidates don't say, but you've got the recommendations, the endorsements there so you can see. And also we have very short, brief descriptions of candidates that are running in nonpartisan races, judges, races like that.

[00:08:22] And if there's a candidate that leans, to the right or is an election denier, we will tell you that you'll be able to see that right there.

[00:08:30] Bob Gatty: Oh, okay. Can you get a completed ballot to take with you when you vote when 

[00:08:36] Wayne Liebman: yes. Absolutely. The, first page right now on the site is you can just put in the state and you'll see the state races. And then if you want to see your down ballot, then you put in your address and you, we can give you your down ballot. So you tick off who you like.

[00:08:53] And then you go to a another page it says view your guide and then that shows you all your choices. You can print that, you can save it as a pdf. You can send it to a friend, you can email it, you can right now, you can share it on social media and you can also save the link and come back to it later and edit it and make some changes if you want. 

[00:09:15] Bob Gatty: That's cool. So what's been the response so far? 

[00:09:20] Wayne Liebman: The response has been great. The, trick is to get this thing known all over the place, to get people aware of it and, get people to use it. We have a huge social media campaign to make local groups aware of it and to spread the word.

[00:09:35] We have a lot of mechanisms for doing that. 50,000 people used the guide in the 2022 election. And I would say the responses have been uniformly enthusiastic about it. And and the we've gotten some feedback it could be a little clearer if you did this, that, or the other. So we're doing a 2.0 version, which will be ready very soon.

[00:09:56] That will make it even easier, faster leaner and meaner to make it really, easy for those people who are hesitant to vote. 

[00:10:04] Bob Gatty: You must be really thrilled with that response then, right? 

[00:10:06] Wayne Liebman: I thought about it beforehand, like, how many, what's our goal? How many people this person, this maiden voyage in nine states.

[00:10:14] And I thought I would be over the moon if we hit 50,000. And we did we went over 50,000. So that, was just really great. What we really want, of course, is 50 million. That's what that's, the ultimate goal. We want this to become its own brand and an institution that people recognize like Kleenex and just go to if you're on the left and to help you make decisions about who, you should vote for.

[00:10:39] Bob Gatty: Okay , betcha you're looking for volunteers, right? 

[00:10:43] Wayne Liebman: We have a, lot of volunteers. We have a, pretty good net that we cast. And we're active on various social media platforms and so we, we do have a continuous flow of volunteers, but what we really are interested in is money.

[00:10:59] I left out one little piece money. Yeah, money. They want money. Nobody is paid. There's this money doesn't go to pay, but we, purchase our election data and by that all the races and all the candidates that are running in all these races, we don't do that part. We pay a national organization, a well-known organization, but contractually, I can't tell you what their name is because they're nonpartisan and we use their data for elections, and then we go in and add the endorsements to that. Okay. So that data we have to purchase and we and we have to come up with for 2024 it's I don't know whether it sounds large or small.

[00:11:40] We need to come up with about $20,000 that we have to get generate this year in order to pay for the data for the 2024 elections. If you go to the website I hope there's a donate button there. . I'm gonna look, I'm gonna go look real quick and see if we have the donate button there. It's not there.

[00:12:00] That's interesting. Okay. We'll have to, I'm gonna talk to our team and we'll put up a do of a donate button but I'll give you a link later. We have a donate link that people can go to and, Okay. And donate. 

[00:12:14] Bob Gatty: Let's not forget to do that before we sign off. All right, so then you're really not looking for more volunteers. Is that 

[00:12:25] Wayne Liebman: I, think if somebody likes this idea and hears about it and says, God, I'd really like to help with that. Yeah, I we, would love to hear from you because we could always use other folks. And it's a big job. It's gonna be a big job. We're gonna have to find endorsers in 50 states and it's.

[00:12:44] The collection we, can't collect endorsements for 2024 now, cuz there are no endorsements for 2024 now. Sure. It all that happens in a sudden, whoosh a couple of months before the election. So the, it's a very labor intensive moment where we have to go out and grab all these endorsements and then integrate them into the guide.

[00:13:04] Bob Gatty: Okay? So these endorsements would come from organizations. 

[00:13:08] Wayne Liebman: We any reputable organization that is on the left okay. We can first of all, democratic parties, we we, wanna have that, but there's many other organizations. DEM clubs are a big one. We use endorsements from DEM clubs.

[00:13:26] Dem clubs are, very fond of endorsing. And they, always have their slates. They're always very last minute about the whole thing. We use unions. Lots of different unions and other nonprofit organizations, nurses, organizations. We, use teachers organizations.

[00:13:48] And all kinds of, people who are on the left who have endorsement pages because we, actually link back to the the endorsement. The endorsing organization has an icon, so title, little icon. You click on that and you go back to the endorsement site. So you don't have to take our word for it.

[00:14:06] You can read about the organization, see what they are, see if you align with them and you know what credence you, you want to give them. 

[00:14:14] Bob Gatty: I understand. . So that's, that should be helpful to to voters who are looking for information about candidates and what they stand for.

[00:14:25] Wayne Liebman: Yeah, and you can also click on, every candidate has a little photograph or a little silhouette of the candidate. If you click on that, that will take you to a page with information about the candidate, so you can read up on it. But what we like to do is provide this x-ray, this quick x-ray that says, okay, this is the support behind a candidate.

[00:14:44] One feature we wanna add in 2024 is we'd like to put a little thing there about where the money is coming from to support a candidate. So a, link to open secrets. So you can see is it small donations that are backing this candidate, or is it big oil or big pharma where they're getting their donations.

[00:15:03] So we probably like to try to include the top three. So that's a feature we're working on to put into the guide. 

[00:15:09] Bob Gatty: Interesting. That should be really helpful too. 

[00:15:11] Wayne Liebman: Yeah, I think so. 

[00:15:12] Bob Gatty: Now do you guys have events planned, like phone banking activities and stuff like that? . 

[00:15:18] Wayne Liebman: We that's the other side of it. Blue Voter guide is joined at the hip with Field Team Six, which is a proudly partisan voter registration organization.

[00:15:30] And of course, that's the two things you wanna do. You want to register voters and then you want to get 'em out to vote. So Field Team Six handles the events. Okay. You go to, you can learn more about Field Team six and all kinds of events that they do by going to their website, which is FieldTeam6.org, and it's the numeral six field team numeral 6.org.

[00:15:49] And yeah, phone banks, text banks, post carding, all that stuff. 

[00:15:53] Bob Gatty: Okay. If people do wanna sign up the volunteer, where do they go to do that? 

[00:15:57] Wayne Liebman: If you want to volunteer at Blue Voter Guide, I'm going to check. We did have a thing that says you can volunteer that's on there. I wanna just make sure if we have it.

[00:16:09] Bob Gatty: Okay. I just wonder because I received an email with all kind of options of things to do to help out, 

[00:16:16] Wayne Liebman: yeah. We don't have our volunteer button there. We should put that on that website as well. All right, so I've got my homework after today. We simplified it and we're in the middle of this whole big redesign process and we had to get it ready for Wisconsin, so we just did it a minimal look for Wisconsin.

[00:16:34] I think we, we gotta have that now. We, do. a some menu options that are on the site at the top. One of them is called resources. And if you look at, resources, it talks to you about how to support the guide. And then there is a contact form that's probably the one to use. And if you click on where it says Contact at Blue Voter Guide, that's a good way. Just put your name there and your email address.

[00:17:03] And, we'll get the email if you want, help work. So probably that's, in place right now and that's good thing. 

[00:17:08] Bob Gatty: Yeah. Okay. Alright. It is blue voter guide.org. 

[00:17:14] Wayne Liebman: Is that what it is? Blue Voter Guide, all one word. Blue voter guide.org. Yep. Okay, got 

[00:17:20] Bob Gatty: it. All right. Okay. Now there's something on your website called Current Storm.

[00:17:25] What's that all about?

[00:17:27] Wayne Liebman: Okay, so that's on the field Team six website. I think it's not on the, oh, okay. It's not on the blue voter guide Field. Team six is up. A, punch above its weight, scrappy powerhouse of, a of a registration organization. And we do, one of the things we do on in field team six is social storming, which is really interesting, where we get together and put out this messaging over various networks media networks, Twitter, as long as there is still gonna be a Twitter, we don't know how long that's gonna last. Facebook, other places like that. And we do it simultaneously to juice the effort and it shows up then in a lot of people's feed and we get our messaging out that way.

[00:18:10] And that's a social storm. It's a really cool technique and you can learn about that by going to the Field Team six website. Looking on there for, a social storming, we, there's a menu on there. Let me just find it. So if you go to Field Team six and you click on actions and there's a one that says Current Storm, but there's just lots of ways to help.

[00:18:36] And, these are all ways to help register voters and get that out. So you can see that under the Actions menu on the Field Team Six site. And one thing you can do is sign up for the Field Team six newsletter and. We send you every week, different opportunities, and I would recommend that you do that.

[00:18:53] Okay. a, That's a really good thing to do. 

[00:18:55] Bob Gatty: Okay. Now are you guys working with democrat democratic organizations? For example I'm, connected with the Horry County, South Carolina Democratic Party, and I do some communications work with them. Yeah. And, I know that if they don't know about this, they.

[00:19:13] Wayne Liebman: We, work with anybody who wants to work with us, and when I say we Blue Voter Guide and also Field Team Six. Field Team Six has a partnership program. They're looking for for groups to partner with. Field Team Six has a database of about 12 million unregistered democrats that we use when we put out our phone banks, our text banks, our postcarding, canvasing, I know it's huge and we can't possibly utilize it ourselves. We need partners. So Field Team six is actively looking for partners and Voter Guide is looking for partners. We will create a branded version of Blue Voter Guide for any organization that wants, it, so you can you your organization can have something that it says Blue Voter Guide of these South Carolina Democrats.

[00:20:05] And it'll, have your logo on it, so it'll look just like you. We do that for free. We'll do that with any organization. And probably one of the things we're gonna be able to do when we get our new version later this year is we'll be able to allow another organization that we partner with to pick whatever endorsers they want.

[00:20:24] When we work with people in, states we, want on the ground people to tell us in the States, what are the organizations that we wanna use as endorsers. Because we need, want people with hands-on experience. And so we do that as, as much as possible to whatever extent we can when we reach out and with larger organizations.

[00:20:45] We'll we'll give you your own blue voter guide. You can pick your endorsers and, use the technology and so we'll have that too. 

[00:20:53] Bob Gatty: That's cool. Is there anything more about the blue voter guide that we need to talk about? 

[00:20:57] Wayne Liebman: If it pops into my head I will say I think that covers a lot of blue voter guide.

[00:21:04] I guess I just, I really want to emphasize that the largest group of people in elections is not people who vote Democrat. It's not people who vote Republican, it's people who do not vote. It is critical . Yeah. You know that we increased turnout of this untapped reservoir of people who are ambivalent and scared to vote.

[00:21:28] And we wanna bring them into the fold. We need them. This is obviously a fraught moment. We're not through it yet. We've done pretty well as Democrats in the past three elections, but we've got a, very big one coming up in 2024. And yeah we've, had two years in power as Democrats.

[00:21:48] President Biden is gonna be doing a State of the Union tonight. And if you were to look at the at the press, everything that people saying it would appear that the Democrats are, really in trouble. They've got all this economic turmoil and nothing has happened and all these headlines, it's just really amazing. But actually the past two years have, been magnificent for what the Biden administration has been able to accomplish, right? We have record low unemployment. The job creation is through the roof. The GDP growth is good, inflation is falling. We have the major infrastructure bill, the investment in in green energy chip manufacturer, all the judicial appointments we we've shot down a hundred percent of the balloons that have been floating over lately. , we've been doing that. Yeah, we do not. Yeah. Not to mention all the work on the pandemic and distributing the, vaccines. We inherited a chaotic situation and we've we've been able to defeat that and withdrawal from the Afghanistan war was something no president has been able to do and Biden did it.

[00:22:53] I really admire him for that. I think this has been an amazing. Administration and I was not, Biden was not my first choice for, the Democrats. there are other candidates I would've preferred, but he has been a great, president. He's done an amazing job. So well, 

[00:23:09] Bob Gatty: You know what? I agree with you. And I was surprised to read in the Washington Post I think it was yesterday that about 60%, I think roughly 60% of Democrats don't think, Biden's done much and and that he shouldn't run for reelection. . 

[00:23:31] Wayne Liebman: Yeah. It's hard to tell with polls. Yeah. A lot of them are really bad. We had a tremendous amount of bad polling in 2022 that gave us the erroneous idea that there was gonna be a Republican tsunami, which turned out to be a trickle. And so that's one thing. The other thing is that the pressis in business to sell newspapers and what sells newspapers is bad news.

[00:23:55] So whoever's doing good, they don't really that's not a story. It's really what you're doing bad. We, wanna highlight that. Yeah. Yeah. So it's a lot of misinformation and obfuscation and smoke that we need to pierce going forward. That's why something like Blue Voter Guide is really useful and helpful.

[00:24:14] Bob Gatty: Yeah. Let's talk a little. Politics. Do you think Biden should run for reelection? 

[00:24:19] Wayne Liebman: I trust the guy at this point. This is me personally. Yeah. Talking if he feels that he can't do it, if he wants to run again, I'm supporting him. Okay. , 

[00:24:29] Bob Gatty: he's the same age as me and I just can't imagine how , he can have the energy to to, do it

[00:24:39] Wayne Liebman: How long do you think you can do the podcast for another four or five years? ? 

[00:24:42] Bob Gatty: Yeah, I can do the podcast. That's go, that's easy. 

[00:24:47] Wayne Liebman: You're not gonna replace you with somebody else. We're gonna let you keep going. 

[00:24:51] Bob Gatty: That's good. I hope so. I just spent some money to jack up my subscriptions on YouTube.

[00:24:58] Wayne Liebman: Good for you. That's great. Yeah. 

[00:25:02] Bob Gatty: Yeah. Went from a hundred and twenty five two weeks ago to, I hit 2002 this morning. Oh, that's great. 

[00:25:13] Wayne Liebman: Yeah, it's a good thousand. And I'm shooting 

[00:25:15] Bob Gatty: for 4,000 is what I'm shooting for.

[00:25:18] Wayne Liebman: Yeah. Slow and steady. When's the race? That's great. 

[00:25:21] Bob Gatty: Yeah, and I need to make a little money.

[00:25:25] Hell, I'm retired I don't have any income coming in except for. A puny amount from retirement and yeah. And, my and, thank Joe Biden for my raise in Social security . 

[00:25:40] Wayne Liebman: Yeah. Which the Republicans are going after definitely 

[00:25:45] Bob Gatty: Yeah. Isn't that incredible? I do not understand what they are thinking.

[00:25:50] If they're not, that's they're a tech and. All right. Sure. For years we've known that the Social Security Trust fund needs bolstered and that we, need to find a way to make sure that Medicare is, with us for the long term. But for crying out loud to be talking about changing these programs that people rely on and have invested their own money in.

[00:26:25] right. Just 

[00:26:25] Wayne Liebman: preposterous. Yeah. And, part of their strategy is to call them entitlements, right? Yeah. With quotes around entitlements, something that you shouldn't get when it's actually an insurance program that you paid for, which you paid for. 

[00:26:36] Bob Gatty: Exactly. Yeah. It, it angers me that they're even trying that.

[00:26:44] And then this wacky idea of getting rid of the IRS and replacing it with a, what, 30% sales tax. National sales tax.

[00:26:55] Wayne Liebman: It's, just it, does boggle the mind and I, think that people are wise to the idiocy that is going on in the Republican party. I think we saw that in 2022. They went out there with these wacky ideas and they lost.

[00:27:12] And they lost When the elections are fair or even approaching fair, they can't win on these policies because they're completely unpopular with the people. And it's we all know it's a 50 year history of trying to undo the New Deal and pull the wool over people's eyes and that's what they're really good at.

[00:27:30] Yeah. I Social security, they say it's outta money. This is a terrible thing. When as it was originally conceived, it was a sequestered amount of money that was set aside for social security, right? Yeah. And it would've been fine, but Congress kept raiding the cookie jar.

[00:27:45] and then you get to the point where there's not enough there and they say, oh we're outta money. Of course you stole all the money so either leave it alone or just fund it out of the general fund and that's how the, we should do it. But you don't get to cry foul when you're the one who stole all the cookies.

[00:28:01] That's nuts, . 

[00:28:02] Bob Gatty: That's right. You know what it reminds me of back in the day when I was really young. I, was a journalist and, I had a job working with United Press International in, as the bureau chief in Trenton, New Jersey. And I ended up going to work for a politician, a congressman from New Jersey as press secretary and eventually chief of staff.

[00:28:28] This guy was a moderate Republican. His name was Ed for. and he, was on the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee and he asked me one day to go and stand in for him at a Senior Citizen's debate with his opponent, his Democratic opponent in in New Jersey. Over, near the.

[00:28:54] Over near the shore. And so I had to go to, because he had to go inspect whales or some very important thing, right? 

[00:29:04] Wayne Liebman: Okay. 

[00:29:05] Bob Gatty: And so anyway I, went to this meeting of about 200 seniors and and it was a with the Democratic. This guy was a young very handsome, articulate wealthy candidate who was very, well spoken uhoh.

[00:29:32] And, I actually thought the guy should have won, right? . 

[00:29:36] Wayne Liebman: Oh, but you 

[00:29:36] Bob Gatty: won. Good for you. All right. So anyway, anyhow, so I, go to this thing and, the. The big issue at the time was that the Republicans, Nixon they were trying to get rid of they weren't trying to get rid of Social Security, but they, didn't want to approve an an increase in social security, and the Democrats were calling for an increase in Social Security. All right, so the question was, how does your boss feel? Social security and the social security increase, and of course the Democratic opponent was all over it, and I had to present the Republican position, which was no.

[00:30:29] Because it would affect inflation, right? Ah, okay. Okay. So I'm standing there right next to this guy and I'm taking all these arrows. Boom, incoming boom, I said, wait a minute. You know what? This isn't my position. This is the guy I work for's position. 

[00:30:49] Wayne Liebman: I'm just a mailman,

[00:30:50] Bob Gatty: I'm just filling this spot right here, right? And afterwards the guy's name was Charlie Yates, the the other candidate, . He came up to me and he says, Hey man if, I win will you come to work for me? And I said, hell yeah, will . So it wasn't long after that I had enough of this guy in the Republicans and I went to work for Jim Florio, who was the democratic, Congressman at a neighboring district just south of, where Forsyth district was in New Jersey. And I worked for him for two years and as Chief of Staff . And I didn't have to answer any questions like that anymore. And also the guy did his own debating. I didn't have to go stand in for

[00:31:47] Wayne Liebman: What a relief. 

[00:31:48] Bob Gatty: Yeah, so I don't know, you guys listening to this if you care about this stuff, but I just thought I'd because it was not fun standing there taking all these arrows and, that's what the Republicans are gonna have to do because these seniors are not going to just stand by and say, oh yeah, Just screw our. Our social security, 

[00:32:08] Wayne Liebman: that's, yeah. Take our money, take our income take our healthcare. Yeah, that's right. 

[00:32:14] Bob Gatty: That's right. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Here in South Carolina, they won't even approve expanding Medicaid, that there's all this free money from the Affordable Care Act and, they just refuse because it's Republican.

[00:32:27] It's democratic money really and a democratic program, and they just won't do it.. 

[00:32:33] Wayne Liebman: How did the people in South Carolina feel about that? 

[00:32:36] Bob Gatty: They elected McMaster, the Republican governor with the same 60% amount of the vote that he's always gotten. And they had a, in the demi, we, the Democrats had a very, attractive articulate candidate who, just was not able to break through. And I think a lot of it is if you guys, if you guys had been active in, South Carolina and, had been able to to turn out a, lot of voters who ended up staying home would've made a big difference. 

[00:33:15] Wayne Liebman: Yeah. From your lips to God's ear, that's what we want to do in 2024.

[00:33:20] And we want the support of every grassroots organization and the Democratic party in every state. Okay. To be able to do that. 

[00:33:28] Bob Gatty: All right, so let's make sure we have everything dialed out. So for people to find out about to learn more about the Blue Voter Guide, it's blue voter guide.org.

[00:33:40] And voter, not voters. V o t e r, 

[00:33:43] Wayne Liebman: right? Singular voter, yeah. Blue voter guide.org. Okay. And you can see how it works. You can see what it looks like in Wisconsin right now. Okay. Just type in w i in the address field and you can look at that ballot and look at the menu across the top.

[00:34:00] And you can find out other information about. Blue voter guide. And then there's a contact form there so you can reach out to us if you wanna make a donation, you can do it that way. I'm gonna try to get a donation button on there real soon. Yeah. It had been there, but then it went away. And if you wanna volunteer, you can send us an email or any questions that you have.

[00:34:17] Yeah, that's a good way to reach us. Okay. All right. 

[00:34:20] Bob Gatty: Excellent. Thanks Wayne for being with us on lean to the Left. I really appreciate it. And I hope we can get this episode out far and wide, so 


Wayne Liebman:

 that would be great. Yeah. Thanks for having us, Bob. It was great to get to know you a little bit

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