Today we’re going to talk about technology – all the “smart” stuff that most of us use, like our phones and our fancy watches that can tell us our heart beat, count our steps, and can even rat on our spouses or partners if they are someplace other than where they say.

Our guest is Dr. Don Vaughn, a neuroscientist who works for a new company called Invisibly, which is looking to turn the internet and big social media companies upside down. Get this: they say they’ve developed a way that regular people like you and me can actually get paid for the use of our own data, instead of companies like Google and Facebook.

Invisibly has done some polling, too, and they’re turning that industry upside down, too, and their results have been remarkable – just by ditching the old way of doing things and getting with the way things are today.

So if you use a personal computer, have a smartphone or smart TV, or any similar device and if you want to know what’s coming, take a listen to this interview with Dr. Don Vaughn…presented by Not Fake

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