Today’s podcast will present two commentaries written by Chris Waldron of Not Fake

In the first, “Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression and the Big Lie,” Chris points out that those are the three key elements of the Republican Party’s current game plan as they seek to regain the presidency, and retake control of the House and the Senate.

These three tactics, he maintains, threaten the very democracy that we all hold so dear.

In Part 2, “Sexual harassment: Trump vs. Cuomo,” Waldron takes a look at differences between our two political parties in dealing with big shots who get themselves in hot water for one form of sexual misconduct or another.

For a party that pretends to be God-fearing and all of that, Republicans simply turn a blind eye when their fearful leader brags about his sexual escapades, while Democrats face the facts and don’t cut and run when asked about what should happen to Cuomo.

So take a listen, first to “Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression and the Big Lie,’ and then “Sexual Harassment: Trump vs. Cuomo,” from Not Fake

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