We seem to be bombarded these days with claims that CBD and related products can cure everything from backaches to depression, sleeplessness and more.

Neighbors are selling them as a stay-at-home business. You can buy the stuff online, at little specialty shops, even tanning salons, and it seems no matter who you talk to, you'll be told about the miraculous results that can be obtained by a few drops of CBD oil on your tongue.

It's like the old snake oil salesman from the old western movies. Just try it. You won't believe the results. But there are no controls, no regulations, no federal review. Really, we're on our own out there.

Well, Inesa Ponomarlovalte, founder of Nesas Hemp, is an expert on these products -- cannabinoids -- so I invited her on my Lean to the Left podcast to get some facts.
In the interview, we discuss the rapidly growing CBD industry in the U.S. and Inesa walks us through the differences in the various types of CBD products now available – what’s legal, and what works and why.

In 2020 global sales of $2.8 billion are expected to rise by more than 21 percent through 2028. U.S. sales are projected to reach $1.8 billion by 2022. So a lot of people are buying these products, which are NOT cheap.

Inesa is a holistic health practitioner and an expert on hemp and CBD.. She says she’s on a mission to change the world by teaching people to harness the power of nature, and that’s why she founded Nesa’s Hemp.

Interestingly, Inesa is calling on the federal government to regulate CBD and related products. Right now, she says, "it's like the wild, wild West out there."

When we interviewed Inesa, Brittney Griner, the all-star center with the WNBA's Phoenix Mercery, had been sentenced to nine-years in a Russian prison for drug possession -- canisters containing cannabis oil prescribed by a doctor to treat pain. Today, President Biden announced that she was on her way home after a prisoner exchange swap for convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout. During the interview, Inesa says sports stars like Griner are helping others realize the health benefits of cannabis products.

Here are some questions we asked Inesa:

First, let’s start with the basics. Exactly what is CBD and how is CBDa different?

To many people, all of these health benefit claims might seem almost too good to be true. What’s your response?

So why would an executive of a company that makes and sells such products want government regulations? Usually that’s exactly the opposite of what most industries want….the government telling them what they can and cannot do.

What kind of regulations should be established and why?

What are your thoughts about the Griner case and its impact on your industry?

What’s the impact on the industry of professional athletes like Griner choosing cannabis to treat pain?

I’m wondering if CBD products have been shown to be effective in helping people with Covid.
How do you feel about legalizing recreational pot. Here in South Carolina, Joe Cunningham, the Democratic candidate for governor, is calling for it to be legalized and his good ole boy Republican opponent has an ad out ridiculing him.

Your website says that deep down in your heart, you truly believe you can create a positive revolutionary change in the world. That’s a lot. Please explain.

What would you like people to take from this discussion?

Show Notes

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Show Transcript

Welcome Inesa to Lean to the Left. Thanks for being with us today.

[00:02:42] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: Thank you so much for having me here today. I really appreciate this opportunity to educate people.

[00:02:48] bob_gatty: let's start with the basics, Vanessa. Exactly. What is C, B, D and how is C B D A different?

[00:02:58] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: Yeah, that's really, great question. I think the most important we need to really start with is c B, D really criminal and the whole plant itself. And the most important part people really need to understand today. About 35, 40 years ago, this beautiful, very smart professor from Israel, Rafael, actually discovered human ando cannabinoid system.

[00:03:27] That means you already born with this Ando cannabinoid system, the way you born with these receptors in your body for everything else that you actually take daily in terms plants food and everything else. You like it or you don't. This, and a cannabinoid system, it's already in you and God gave it to you.

[00:03:51] So with that being said, there is a difference between C B D and C B D A and I'm probably gonna make it super easy for people to understand today if you're gonna actually take the plan. From the soil. And if you're gonna study what kind of compounds are in the living plant, while the plant is in the soil, there is no c b D.

[00:04:14] If you're gonna fund lots of C B D A, you're gonna fund lots of T C A by the way, does not make you high. You're gonna fund C B G A and all these a acidic cannabinoids that are original version from the plant. But in order for you to. Turn C B D A into the C B D or th c a into the a thc. What you really need to do, you need to use specific solvents, gases, high temperatures, and when you do these processes for the plant turns into the second version.

[00:04:55] I guess of that compound into the C B D and thc. So the whole research and the whole world has been really focusing on the C B D and I've been focusing on C B D A for many years now. And there's reasons why, but that's the main difference. That one is a city cannabinoid, which is C B D A, it's more powerful, it's more effective, it's more natural.

[00:05:21] And the c b. Is the secondary version of the mother of the C B D A, and it's done. You can, in order for you to receive it, you have to use these specific processes that not always healthy for the plant or even human being.

[00:05:36] bob_gatty: local store sells CBD products and, you're, like me, you're un, you're unsuspecting. You don't really know. You, go in you say I need some C B D because I'm having, I have pain in my back. Sell me something that'll work. And so you buy this stuff and say, it costs you what, 60 bucks for a tiny bottle of this stuff. And you take it home and you use it and nothing happens. Are you buying? What are you buying? Are you from these local people? Are you buying C B D? You're not buying C B D A, right?

[00:06:21] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: Now because if, the C B D, if there was a C B D A, they would never call it the product already as a C B D, because those are two different compounds. It's just like saying. Female and male. They're both humans, but they function a little bit differently. And so if you buy cbd, But the biggest issue I have with the industry, and we see there is an issue because we have a famous athlete sitting in the jail. My biggest concern that industry is so not regulated, and a lot as you just talked about, numbers. Thousands of companies. I, think close to thousand, 10,000 companies right now into CBD space and all what they care, I'm not saying all of them, but majority of them profits over the people and that's where I personally have a huge problem with that because, I think this world needs healing.

[00:07:23] I think this plan has a healing, but the problem is when you choose profits over the people, you're gonna do as fast as possible, manufacturers growing harmful processes, and a lot of times you're gonna market the product as C B D, but there's no CBD in the first place. And because there is no regulations, in order for you to follow these guidelines or to be accountable for.

[00:07:49] That means you really have no idea what are you buying, and I'm happy to educate and give you tips each time you go to the store or even try to purchase the product. I'm happy to give you these tips, what to look for, but end of the day, the companies that, the way they're promoting it, it's a lot of times profits over the people and people have no way to know it unless company really.

[00:08:17] Basically to have you as

[00:08:19] bob_gatty: So

[00:08:19] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: your life, in their lives.

[00:08:20] bob_gatty: Drug Administration regulate your industry?

[00:08:24] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: Now it's not regulated. The only one thing food and drug administration really did in this industry is that they recognize C B, D as a drug for the epilepsy. So that's already done a couple of years ago. And the only one thing they did there is no guidelines. You literally can put mold in these products and sell it.

[00:08:51] And there's no guidelines for these products or companies to be accountable for. There's not, unless you decided you wanna test these products yourself, spend a lot of money on the laboratory results, and then you find out and then you sue the company yourself. I did that part when, actually before I started this company, because I was testing every product on the market.

[00:09:13] In order to know what's in these bottles, I was investigating the whole industry. So I visited one by one and I checked what's in the soil, what's in the plants, how the processing these things, and what I saw the industry from the inside. I was devastated. So what happened is, wait a minute, we have this beautiful.

[00:09:35] That has so much power to heal just like our athletes used for pain. But you really need to know which plant, how to use it, which one is safe, and there's no regulations. So that means this plan had can bring us so much healing so much power to, to humanity and empower humanity in a positive way.

[00:09:57] But the problem is our current or government in general does not really. Seem to be doing much to regulate these things and make sure customers like yourself or anybody else out there choosing a safe and effective product.

[00:10:14] bob_gatty: It's highly unusual for the executive of a company of any kind of company to want regulations usually their. Complaining about all of the government regulations and all the things they have to go through. But, you're just the opposite. You wanna see the government step in and things out and make sure things are safe for people, 

[00:10:40] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: a hundred percent and I'm raising my hand all the time and just hopefully somebody can see me and I said, I investigated this indu industry so much. Where I truly understand what is the safe and effect of I developed nests based on these guidelines and we've been certified as a safest product on the market.

[00:11:00] But with that being said, like there is a difference between organic versus organic. Most people don't even know, and there's the whole science behind. So with that being said, I am looking forward. For government to step in and say, we need to test each of those products. You can't sell it unless you're testing from heavy metals, mercury, pesticides, mold, herbicides, all those dangerous things you already have inflammation from in the first place.

[00:11:32] bob_gatty: To many people. All these health benefit claims despite almost too good to be true. You're too young know this, but probably you go back and look at some of these old, Western movies and you've got the snake oil sales with, and they're, telling you that this stuff can do everything ooh. What's your response to that? How is, how are people supposed to, believe that? These products by putting a little bit under your tongue or whatever, it's going, it is gonna help heal your pain or clear up your acne or give you more, help you sleep better or whatever. How can it do all that stuff?

[00:12:27] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: So maybe we need to discuss two important things. If you are choosing the right product, and again, I'll refer back to Nestles, I'm probably standing behind this product because I developed from A to Z and I developed in the highest quality guidelines that can possibly exist on this country. And when you do the right job for people and the plan, You're really gonna always receive results.

[00:12:58] Why? Because you already have these receptors in your body. To actually receive this plan. So when the plan connects with your receptors, they already know how they work together. But these receptors, these, an cannabinoid system is responsible for your cell health. It's like your second immunity, so your actually body is looking for this plant.

[00:13:24] But now the problem where I have, and I always been having the same problem that the industry is, The way they're producing these plans, it's full of so many chemicals and toxins in. What happens is the body does not know how to recognize it. Your body receptors does not know what it is, and it rejects it and automatically it doesn't work.

[00:13:48] So it's not the product that you work, the plant itself, it's the way these products are produced. Your body does not recognize the chemicals that never, it's been, never been born or developed with mold or something. So with that being said, or solvents, So with that being said, it rejects it and you automatically don't receive results.

[00:14:09] If you truly using effective and safe products the way it's meant to be used for you for thousands of years, it's been used already for thousands of years, you're gonna have results. That's why I know it's gonna sound, to get to be truth, but I personally never ever, received a one single person who had no results from Nessus.

[00:14:33] We've been the company for over three years on a market official achievers, two years in a, in development before we became official company. So it's almost basically five years. And I personally work with a lot of people who are sick and I never seen that the person could not the benefit from the product.

[00:14:52] So it does help, but again, which product?

[00:14:55] bob_gatty: now, what do you think the impact is on the industry of professional athletes like Griner cannabis to treat pain?

[00:15:04] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: So these bodies, these professional athletes, they're bodies in the high performance. It's not typical. Like I go work out one hour a day. The whole body is meant to perform in very high levels. So of course you cause trauma. No matter how much you train every single day you cause trauma and and they hit themselves and all kinds of other things happen in between.

[00:15:29] So that being said, they do have pain and I work with athletes myself. I'm preparing one lady for Olympia, another gentleman for UFC fight in December. So I do know their body is have all these traumatic. And what this product does or this plant, as long as it was produced correctly, safe and effective, it really helps the balance.

[00:15:52] So keep in mind the way Plant works, it really reduces your inflammation. And the way that people have all these disease and the brain disorders, for example, brain disorders are mental, it's inflammation in your brain or like a heart issues or the prostate issues, or like testo or like even, for example, your back pain right there is inflammation.

[00:16:18] So what the product does, it's really, go, affects the inflammation because inflammation almost, it's a root of the cost for most disease. So what the, what this athlete, this beautiful woman that she just simply use for her inflammation to remove her pain so she can continue, perform better, and it's safe and effective because she saw the results.

[00:16:40] But the problem.

[00:16:42] bob_gatty: Yeah.

[00:16:42] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: You saw what happened and it still happened. It's, very sad what's happening. Actually.

[00:16:47] bob_gatty: I don't know

[00:16:48] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: It's.

[00:16:48] bob_gatty: gonna happen with hers. Who, how can you predict what the Russians will do? I guess President Biden is trying to step in. I, saw something about that. Now I'm wondering if CBE products have been, your products C B D A products have been shown be effective in helping people with covid.

[00:17:13] Do you have any experience?

[00:17:15] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: I think that's where we became the most famous

[00:17:18] bob_gatty: Yeah.

[00:17:19] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: on the market. And yes. What happened is in January 17 or 13 this year the research from Oregon University came out. And not a C B D, but C B D A was shown. Actually effectively possibly prevent you from covid spike proteins to enter your body.

[00:17:46] So shut down the receptors that actually your body receive these spike proteins. So that means you basically creating a shield around yourself. So covid can't enter your body. So what happened is when that research came out, every news channel was looking for specifically, C B D A products. And since not many companies ever even understood to do the C b D in the first place, everybody was focusing on this drug version which is C B D, so nobody could find C B D A.

[00:18:18] That's where the whole news start shifting towards NASA's, because NASA was the first C B D A product on the market that we developed over five years. That is super effective, actual, biological, and very tested in the highest levels. So yes, it's been researched and I have personal experience with minimum couple hundred people that actually done pre covid during covid and post covid mis improvements on the body.

[00:18:48] Absolutely, yes. And we have a video testimonials from people and I have hundreds of messages saying thank you. And even people when they. What I noticed when they have issues on their lungs after covid, there's this stiffness in their lungs, or they still have a hard time believing it. I tell people all the time, apply directly on your lungs, and when they do, I can't even tell you how beautiful the results are because it does sound to be too good to be true.

[00:19:17] bob_gatty: Now, does NEA have, are there other companies out there that producing C B D A products besides nea?

[00:19:27] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: So we are the really, the first ones who started the market. Because I understood the power of, the C B D A being way more powerful, and I saw myself by working with hundreds of all kinds of clients that have all kinds of critical illnesses. So I always believed in that version more than the mainstream version.

[00:19:48] And we are the first ones who really start it. But since January this year, when the news came out, again, a lot of companies saw opportunity to produce a lot of C B D A products. So they can actually use this research because it's C, you can sell a lot of bottles and. A lot of companies use this research for advantage and they said they produced, they, now you will see more C B D A popping up on the market.

[00:20:15] But there's no way in the world you can produce C B D A safe and effective within three weeks. It take, it took me two years to just develop the soil correctly and to make the microbes healthy, to grow these plans correctly. So when company says, I made my CBD products in. How did you do that?

[00:20:34] It took me two years just to make the soil like, so it's impossible again, it's the, they doing some little tricks out there, but so it's popping up. It's becoming more and more common because of that specific research towards covid. So now the whole world is really waking up towards the C B D A.

[00:20:53] bob_gatty: of products produced?

[00:20:55] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: So our, actually, my contract growers are in, Oregon. And our laboratory that actually tests each of our products in the most expensive testing is in Florida and our fulfillment homes and are in California. So we are likely all over the place

[00:21:15] bob_gatty: That's amazing. You. Looked to be a very young woman. So how did you get, did you get started on all of this? On all of this stuff? you look like you're about 25. So am I wrong?

[00:21:30] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: Except I need additional 10 more years. . No, I'm, thank you. Thank you. That was a compliment today. Thank you. What really happened is, and I'll be speaking from my heart as always my mom's cancer really helped me to shift my whole world towards natural medicine because I was able to help her be avoided. Chemo and radiation, I'm not that I'm completely against, but I said, if we can use the natural sources, let's try the natural sources first.

[00:22:12] And if it's nothing left, we are gonna go back to do chemo if we need to. And since the natural sources help my mother, I was. I felt guilty to go sleep at nighttime knowing that we can help so many people to improve their lives, and I'm just gonna live a life like I'm not gonna share the message of the world.

[00:22:32] Because the pain that I had in my chest, And I'm so afraid to lose my mother. I never wished anyone, even my enemy, because I love her so much. So I really started helping people and just improve their health and things like that. And when I saw the industry doing C B D products, the way doing it, I said, wait a.

[00:22:57] These people already so sick, the reason they're taking these products or they have a hope for these products to help them, it's because they're already sick. And the way these company's producing with no regulations, it's already so wrong. In some cases, criminal. So I said somebody has to step in and bring some justice here.

[00:23:19] So I've decided to be that person who leads with integrity and leads with quality and really helps people and chooses people over the profits. So what really helped me to realize that it's my mom. I always had the heart for the world, but my mom's situation really triggered everything and knowing that people do unfair things.

[00:23:41] It made me even more upset. So I never choose to open this company. I was forced to because nobody willing to do what's right. And yes, I dedicated my whole life. So thank you for saying I look young, but I dedicate my whole life. I work seven days a week and I, people are most important thing to me. I wanna see humanity, healthy, thriving, loving, supportive, and I just wanna see everyone healthy and.

[00:24:09] And that's what drives me every single.

[00:24:12] bob_gatty: do you have a science background? How did you. How were you able to do what you did for your mom?

[00:24:20] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: There is lots of information out there, but information is really not a mainstream. Even when I was working with Mexico in Tijuana clinics, if you Google there's a entire world in Tijuana. And doctors from San Diego even passing the border daily and they go to treat their patients in, Mexico. So what happened is, as I said, that what I did with my mom, it wasn't a mainstream, but was something that's already out there.

[00:24:54] You just have to really dig in. Yes. Today I work with lots of doctors and number one researchers and scientists on the planet. In fact nests hemp research white papers are written by one of the most knowledgeable cannabis experts from Harvard. And he really loves Nests brand. He supports nests.

[00:25:15] He knows the industry so well more than anybody I know in the United States. But he supports SNES because he knows exactly how we. So I do work with lots of researchers and scientists and doctors, but I'm not a researcher myself. I just spend about 20,000 hours on, on that topic yes, in my, entire life.

[00:25:36] But other than that, I'm not a researcher, not a scientist. I'm so sorry.

[00:25:41] bob_gatty: now, I've got a question about the legalization of recreational pot. How do you feel about that? Here in South Carolina where I live there's guy named Joe Cunningham, he's the Democratic candidate governor and he's calling for pot to be legalized for recreational purposes, which is an outrageous thing to happen in a very conservative state like South. And his good old boy Republican opponent has an add out, ridiculing him. Now, just wondering how you feel about that. Do you feel like it would be beneficial or what? Okay.

[00:26:29] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: Yes and no. It's like me asking you do you like woman? It's 

[00:26:41] bob_gatty: Okay.

[00:26:43] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: It's, this is how it sounds time. I do the interview and if it's,

[00:26:48] bob_gatty: question. Right?

[00:26:50] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: and I would be very happy to explain in a very simple way. I would say, if somebody asked me, you like woman, I would say, bitch, woman. You're talking about someone who's loyal, loving, caring, who's gonna give her whole heart for the family, or someone who is gonna use me and abuse me and, they're gonna hurt my feelings and who knows what else is gonna happen.

[00:27:15] That's my main concern. And I just actually finished my update to ready to release for the world to, educate little bit. My main concern is when we gonna legalize, if we are gonna legalize things completely, what are we legalizing? If we legalizing that things are done in the mainstream? I'm gonna be crying.

[00:27:39] I'll be crying. You'll see me crying. What happens? The hemp itself and marijuana that we had 70 years ago before became criminalized has nothing to do with the plan that is today re-engineered, genetically made with chemicals and everything.

[00:28:00] On the market. So if you get legalizing things, I really wanna legalize that good, healthy version of women.

[00:28:09] I don't wanna legalize something that's quite half criminal, so yes, I personally believe plan belongs to us. We have research to show, to prove measure discovery in the world 40 years. Top professor in the world, mobile price, winner to prove that plans belong to us. But now it's our job to educate people and to know which plant 70% of THC these people smoking, they're gonna be brain dead.

[00:28:39] Like how are we gonna, I personally, I'm personally against Smokeable. Why? It's cariogenic, you inhale and you, change the molecular structure. It's, not something, it's not something I think should be consumed for your lungs and it's not good for your brain. The plant itself never had the high levels of thc, which is makes so high to the crazy level you can and drive your own.

[00:29:03] So again, when we legalizing things, what are we legalizing? Original plant is innocent. Does not make you high, doesn't make you go crazy. It does beautiful things for your body, but the whole industry, what is doing, it's nothing to do what

[00:29:18] bob_gatty: Okay.

[00:29:18] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: plant has to offer.

[00:29:20] bob_gatty: do not make you high.

[00:29:22] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: They are hundred percent safe and they're very effective if they done correctly. Yes, they do not make you high.

[00:29:29] bob_gatty: Yeah, because the other day I, went to the to my local store that somebody told me I should check out to purchase some CBD products, and she said do you want, the kind that make you high or do you want the kind of, that don't make you. And I said I want the kind that don't make you high. I purchased, you're laugh. She's laughing at me. You people can't see this cuz I'm not allowed to show you But she's, laughing hysterically anyway, I'm just gonna tell you. I said to her I want the kind that does not make you high. So I bought this c d, the

[00:30:16] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: Got it.

[00:30:17] bob_gatty: Gumm. Okay. And also some stuff to rub on my back that said would help with that. I honestly don't know if the I kinda like the gummies. I took one just before we started talking actually. But they don't make you high and, I don't know if they help with back pain or not. I think maybe they help a little bit. The stuff that you rub on your back doesn't, it doesn't do anything, I don't think. So anyway, your stuff,

[00:30:58] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: I can't wait for you to try and you definitely can experience results. If you don't, you're welcome to call me out because you'll be the first person from

[00:31:09] bob_gatty: wouldn't

[00:31:09] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: thousands of.

[00:31:10] bob_gatty: anyway.

[00:31:12] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: You were welcome to because this is how confident I am. I personally I personally never seen anyone not experiencing results with NASA's. The only one little mistake people do sometimes, They take a wrong dose because each individual has little bit different and cannabinoid systems, stress levels, dna.

[00:31:34] So if you feel like, I don't know if it's helping me, or like one of my copywriters just texted me today, it helped my headache immediately, but it didn't take completely away. Should I increase my dose? Absolutely, yes. If you're gonna increase your dose, it is gonna help you immediately, completely. So if that being said, you just wait for the package.

[00:31:53] bob_gatty: right.

[00:31:54] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: And and, your experience.

[00:31:57] bob_gatty: that you have that you're gonna send me, do you use it? You put it, is it a dropper? You put it under

[00:32:05] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: So

[00:32:05] bob_gatty: what?

[00:32:06] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: I take, I took last night, two droppers because I was stressed just like you to do this interview.

[00:32:13] bob_gatty: aren't you Maybe you should go take a couple more by the time you're done. She's gonna go, she's gonna get outta here. People, and she's gonna say, oh, yep. Been talking to this guy and he is crazy. I need some more.

[00:32:28] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: No, actually. Great. I wanna say thank you for that. But yes, so I took personally two droppers because again, depends what's going on, but I highly recommend you to start half dropper in the morning, half at night. And if you feel like you need to increase it, do increase it to the higher dose. Even dropper in the morning, dropper at night, if you have an anxiety, if you have a inflammation, if you say I don't know if it's really helping, if you have a concern or like a Todd that you don't know if it's helping that.

[00:33:00] Pick up on the higher dose and you will know for sure it's helping. And then what else I do? I apply my wrinkles, I apply, I put one drop in my belly button because that's where you have your nervous system that actually helps you to improve. And I do apply topically also. And if you have a pain area or inflammation here or something like that, you're welcome to apply also on that area.

[00:33:25] bob_gatty: All right.

[00:33:26] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: But,

[00:33:26] bob_gatty: pretty good. All right my last question to you is this. Now your website says that deep down in your heart, you truly believe you can create a revolutionary change in the world. a lot. So you gotta explain what that means.

[00:33:48] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: That is a lot and it's a lot coming from experience and it's actually more in my heart. I'm just afraid to share because I don't wanna terrify people. But, it's all positive and it's the way I was able to help my mother and many other people, I was like, wait a minute, if you can do this to the world.

[00:34:12] And if people really knew, and I'm not talking about just nests hemp. I'm talking about if people knew, if they truly improve the nutrition, if they truly put the nutrients in their body that way they need to thrive, drink more water, they would see major, changes in their health. And I've been doing this for many years.

[00:34:32] I've been actually before hospitalized many times I've been on thousands of medication. Steroids, you name it. And the only one way I was able to reverse my disease after I tried everything and being in emergency room only through nutrition, then I changed everything, what I eat, drink, who I socialize myself.

[00:34:53] That was a life changing event from Yes, medications helped me at that moment, but then the disease never went away. It was always. So I was able to transform myself, and now there is no even concern about me being sick because I empower my immunity, so I know nature and God gave us beautiful tools to keep our people healthy.

[00:35:19] We just need to know about them, and that's what I'm on mission on to educate as many people, not justness. Hemp nest hemp is just little part what I do because I do work even in Chicago and I go Christmas. I spend on the streets with the homeless people. So you know, there's a ways to love this world and you don't tell people to love others.

[00:35:41] You start loving it yourself when you're showing the world how this world can be loved by loving. You transform it. I believe in love. I believe in nature, and I believe you can do it because I've done it so many times and it works.

[00:35:58] bob_gatty: This is beautiful discussion. All right, thank you so much Vanessa. I appreciate you being with us on our podcast and I'm looking forward to get my. Sample of of NE's products. thank you very much. Hang on a secondness. Oh, you got anything else you wanna say before I stop recording?

[00:36:23] Inesa Ponomarlovalte: No, that's a, I just wanna say thank you for bringing me here and thank you so much for allowing me to educate people because truly means world to me. And 

[00:36:33] yes, I'm looking forward.


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