We’re back with another episode of Dixie Dems, the podcast from Lean to the Left that takes an irreverent look at politics in the south, as well as nationwide.

As always, I'm joined by my partners, Arthur Hill, from North Carolina, and Robert Thompson, from Georgia. Arthur is communications chair of the Brunswick County, North Carolina, Democratic party. Robert Thompson is based in Atlanta and founded Peach News Now and its opinion podcast, Got Damn Liberals, which is worth a listen. Me…I’m based in South Carolina, home of Sens. Lindsey Graham and Uncle Tom Republican Tim Scott.

In this episode, we take a look at political developments in our states and we fire a few shots at the Republicans, especially Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who catcalled President Biden during the State of the Union address, pain in the behind Rep. Jim Jordan, the newly minted GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, and many others.

The episode includes our observations about the U.S. taking down those unidentified flying objects in February, including the so-called Chinese spy balloon, that was knocked out of the sky by a U.S. fighter jet on Biden's orders, as well as a double murder trial in South Carolina in which a longtime big shot lawyer is charged with killing his wife and son, and another trial featuring so-called Tiger King "Doc" Antle.

So, there's lots to take in on this episode. Here's a bit of what we covered:

Arthur, what’s happening in North Carolina?

How about you, Robert. You’ve got a lot of action there in Georgia, what with wacko Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene continuing to grab attention.

What’s happening in South Carolina?

Take a listen...

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Show Transcript

Hey guys, welcome.

[00:00:58] Arthur. 

[00:00:59] What's going on in North 

[00:01:00] Carolina? 

[00:01:04] Arthur Hill: Not every citizen in North Carolina is running for president like, in your state, 

[00:01:10] Bob Gatty: but yeah, I know . 

[00:01:14] Arthur Hill: But we're still pretty active up here. And one of the the activities that I took part in since we last met was trying to get our county chair elected to run the state.

[00:01:31] The incumbent was pretty well defined by her oversight of the last three elections where Democrats didn't do very well. There was thinking that there was time for a change and we thought our guy was good for that. so that's set up an interesting three-way camp, actually four-way.

[00:01:54] One guy dropped out. Campaign and the election was last Saturday. And after seven hours of Zoom chatting. We we failed to win. However the gal who won is also dedicated to change and reform in the state party. And even though she's only 25 years old. got Elected and along with a slate of just about equally young folks who are now gonna run the state committee. And if, they stand by their pledges there should be a lot of changes coming. And hopefully there'll be some help from Raleigh to us poor beleaguered red County folks down in Brunswick County.

[00:02:49] It's encouraging and even though our guy didn't win I'm, glad that I'm glad that we got a reform candidate in. Meanwhile in the state legislature I, think I mentioned in our last episode that the legislature was considering a new version of the infamous bathroom bill that plagued North Carolina for a couple three years back about four or five years ago.

[00:03:14] But I didn't know what was going on. All I knew is that there was something afoot and it had to do with bathrooms. Found out since then that what's going on is. The, not a bathroom bill per se, but with the, slim, very slim one vote majority that Democrats have in the assembly. As far as veto overrides are concerned the Republican leadership has decided that they're gonna do away with the normal 48 call, 48 hour warning that they give for voting to vote to, to override vetoes.

[00:03:51] And instead, they're not gonna have any warning at all. which means wow. Which means that if one of the democratic legislators goes to the bathroom, they're gonna call vote that Republicans are. And it's, causing a lot of unrest in the in the state legislature. The Democratic party is thinking they're gonna have to hold it for two years.

[00:04:15] Robert Thompson: Do we need to send some toilet paper up there? What's going on?

[00:04:19] Arthur Hill: Antics and shenanigans going on at the, in Raleigh, at the state.

[00:04:25] Bob Gatty: So that's their version of the bathroom bill, 

[00:04:29] Arthur Hill: huh? Yeah, that's what, that was. The bathroom bill? Yeah. . 

[00:04:32] Robert Thompson: Or wait, I'm sorry. Do they need Depends. They need Depends more than toilet paper actually deduct on your taxes now. Oh, 

[00:04:40] Bob Gatty: actually if you.

[00:04:43] If you follow the ads for various products, like the Depends, there's all kinds of , there's all kinds of new innovations coming out. 

[00:04:55] Arthur Hill: There's, another one, .

[00:04:57] Bob Gatty: That's right. Oh man. 

[00:05:01] Robert Thompson: It's gonna be pretty smelly in there too, huh? That's pretty sad. 

[00:05:03] Bob Gatty: That's a real pisser. Oh, that's so funniest one I've heard in a while.

[00:05:08] Alright. You got anything else for us. Arthur . 

[00:05:13] Arthur Hill: Yeah, there's a couple other bills that are going on that they're a little bit more serious. The, Senate passed a parents bill of Rights. Bill that I think is is going on the same bill. It's happening in a lot of state legislatures that basically would require schools to report to the parents of, kids who indicate LGBTQ feelings or concerns or whatever. And a lot of people feel like that's, going too far that that the state law's already there to to, help assure that parents and their kids get together and talk about issues like that. But nonetheless they're, trying to make it tougher for a kid that is having a hard time to, to get help without having to bring in as family. The other one is they've the House has passed a law which still has to get through the Senate, but it, it, tightens the restrictions on protests basically by increasing the penalties for rioters. They already have a law that's pretty stiff.

[00:06:39] That's that, that was approved in a bipartisan measure last year. Governor signed it. But now republicans wanna make it even tougher. And so there's legislation to do that. I think both, I don't have any proof of this, but I think both of these bills generated statutes the American Legislative Exchange Council because pretty much the same things going on in a lot of other legislatures.

[00:07:10] And Nick suggests that this very conservative, Washington based group is trying to get tough legislation passed on both these fronts. But that's that, that's what's going on at the legislature. Okay. And we'll see what happens. 

[00:07:28] Bob Gatty: Okay. Robert, what's going on with you? 

[00:07:32] Robert Thompson: I'm still looking for the Republican plan to fix inflation.

[00:07:37] Have you guys or heard of it? 

[00:07:39] Bob Gatty: No, I haven't. 

[00:07:40] Arthur Hill: They have fixed it. It's going away. 

[00:07:44] Robert Thompson: It was, oh, it just disappeared so, there are a bunch of magicians and it just disappeared.

[00:07:49] Oh, then that makes sense. 

[00:07:52] Arthur Hill: It's part of the stew that they've cooked up in their cult. 

[00:07:56] Robert Thompson: Oh, okay. And, does that include a new 23 to 30% sales tax too? 

[00:08:04] Arthur Hill: I think that's an ingredient that hadn't been added to the stew yet, but they're working on it.

[00:08:08] Robert Thompson: Oh. . I, feel like the cauldron is just bubbling over it. It doesn't feel like to me that this is helping a lot, but you know that this is what they do. It's a similar here in Georgia, they're and this Alec group it's, the acronym is A L E C, right? Is that right? Yep. Yeah.

[00:08:32] Bob Gatty: it stands for what?

[00:08:34] Arthur Hill: American Legislative Exchange Council. It's a bunch of folks up in dc and they write model bills for state legislatures to approve. And and they've done a lot of work. They're, very conservative, very right wing and a lot of the republican dominated legislatures around the country are picking up on their proposals and just passing them.

[00:08:59] Robert Thompson: Huh Bob, it's a lot of copy paste. . Yeah. Advancements in technology you can just write up a bill, send a Word doc and just copy, paste and submit. And it, do we really think this time around it's gonna work out any better? I, don't know, but it's, going on here in Georgia.

[00:09:23] There there is a bill to say that should a young person come in and talk about transgender topics or anything like that, that the healthcare worker cannot recommend any sort of treatment for them. And so now sorry. Yeah. 

[00:09:44] Arthur Hill: Or the teacher? Anybody? Nobody. 

[00:09:46] Robert Thompson: Yeah. As a matter of fact. So this whole, yeah.

[00:09:50] Arthur Hill: Yeah. They're required. If, a kid does go and talk to somebody like that, they're required to tell the parent.

[00:09:55] Robert Thompson: Which in conservative Southern America is a great idea. Yeah. Said no one ever. 

[00:10:03] So it again, it comes back to this is what the Republican party thinks is important. Oh, and by the way social Security and Medicare. If I'm not mistaken, the age for social security goes up 67 that was already put into place by Republicans.

[00:10:22] Does that sound right? 

[00:10:24] Yeah, so the, as far as I remember the, next age increase for social security takes it up to 67 for the full benefit. Does that sound about right?

[00:10:33] Arthur Hill: Let's thought it was . What is it now? I think it's close to that. 

[00:10:36] Robert Thompson: I'll have to look at the details, but yeah. Let's remind everybody that Republicans did this to actually weaken Social security. Yeah. It was re Republicans that have this massive when you guys actually sit down and watch any tv, how many times do you see a Medicare Advantage commercial?

[00:10:58] Bob Gatty: All the time. 

[00:10:59] Robert Thompson: it's because Republicans decided to privatize Medicare and have that extra option out there. Yeah. And it, yep. I, don't see this going anywhere good. 

[00:11:10] Arthur Hill: And the the interesting thing during the state of the Union address was all the Republicans denying what they've talked about It's on sunsetting Medicare and social security.

[00:11:27] And, they've all denied it, but they're on tape, as endorsing it. 

[00:11:34] They're, on the record. Is, endorsing just the same thing, if not del eliminating it all together. But in the meantime, they get you with little bits and peaches, like you're like the option.

[00:11:45] We're seeing all the ads 

[00:11:46] Bob Gatty: That was fun with the way Biden stuck it to him in the State of the Union over Medicare. I thought. 

[00:11:55] Robert Thompson: I don't know what it's gonna take. I, guess it's gonna take people losing benefits. I, don't know. What, else to prove to 'em.

[00:12:05] There's already another new story not only just Medicare and social security, but also Medicaid coverage. Yep. And they're saying millions of children are at risk of losing Medicaid coverage starting in April. That's probably due to the the Covid stuff expiring. Yeah. Republicans are not talking about that, that they're talking about all these other things we're talking about here.

[00:12:30] Bob Gatty: Let me ask you this, Robert what was the, reaction in Georgia to Marjorie Taylor Green's goofiness at the State of the Union where she was calling Trump a liar and yelling out and all that stuff. 

[00:12:49] Robert Thompson: In my circle of friends, it's embarrassing. Yeah. However, in her Ruby, red Northwest Georgia District they're all bitching about transgender children running around and all that. It's, so unfortunate. It's so night and day and black and white and, you cannot find these people to come to the center of anything. It's so unfortunate. 

[00:13:12] Bob Gatty: Yeah. Yeah. That's too bad. . What else you got in Georgia there, Robert? 

[00:13:19] Robert Thompson: So it's not as big of a deal, but I think you guys can relate to this.

[00:13:22] It was very interesting to see that there is allegedly a bipartisan group that wants to bring the state and local option sales tax exemption. So if you might recall, thanks to Republicans not near as many people can itemize. And those that can itemize they're typically gonna be your middle to upper end on income.

[00:13:47] But one of the stick it to you is that Republicans did to mostly blue states, was they limited that state and local option tax deduction to $10,000. So now all of a sudden there is a bipartisan group that says no, but we gotta call that back. . But then of course, are these same Republicans in this caucus for this salt tax exemption?

[00:14:11] Are they there? Are they just gonna blow it all outta the water and just go with the national sales tax? You tell me that it's confusing as hell and it's unfortunate that John Q Public that they're gonna spew this stuff, or we're just gonna take away all the income tax, but now we're gonna have a sales tax.

[00:14:31] Some of them are just thinking that maybe no if, you do the math, it's a horrible idea. 

[00:14:37] Bob Gatty: You guys don't think there's really a chance of that, do you? 

[00:14:40] Robert Thompson: You just asked me about Marjorie Taylor Green is, she's still in office. . 

[00:14:45] Bob Gatty: What do you think there, Arthur? Do you think that this is a serious 

[00:14:50] Arthur Hill: No because obviously the a proposal like that is DOA at the White House, but yeah, two years from now, if if if the Democrats lose the White House is there a possibility of that happening? The, proposals like that don't tend to just die off at the end of a particular Congress.

[00:15:12] They'll they, survive and bleed over to the next one and. . So yeah. Is it possible in the next two years? No, but is it possible in 2025 maybe, or something like it? Anyway, I think it's, absolutely cra stop and think about the things that you buy. What if there was a 30% sales tax on a car?

[00:15:35] Who would that do the price of a car, which is already outrageous. 

[00:15:39] Bob Gatty: Yeah. Incredible. You can go down the line to anything. Grocer. . Yeah, my god. You talk about trying to control inflation and then they pull this kind of crap. That's just ridiculous.

[00:15:58] Arthur Hill: Yeah. Yeah. It really is. I guess most states don't have a sales tax on food, right? Is that right? Didn't used to. 

[00:16:08] Robert Thompson: Not years ago it was decreased pretty heavily. The food here is not taxed. Nearly size. Other stuff. Yeah. 

[00:16:14] Bob Gatty: There are some products that are sold in the grocery store that still are subject to sales tax.

[00:16:21] I, I don't know how it breaks down actually. But you know what, here in South Carolina we got a lot going on. We got

[00:16:32] We got two, prominent Republicans challenging Trump, Nikki Haley, who just announced that she's running for president. She's pretty popular among some people in South Carolina. When she was governor last night I was watching the local news. They, were the, newscaster who was supposed to be unbiased was all over Nikki Haley.

[00:17:08] Oh God. It was disgusting, at least to me. Anyhow. She's pretty popular. But most of the Republican hierarchy, they've all endorsed Trump. So he's gotta be considered the, favorite for the nomination. 

[00:17:28] Robert Thompson: But, so I was gonna ask Nikki Haley, Sarah Palin. . 

[00:17:33] Bob Gatty: Yeah. We're gonna get to Sarah Palin in a minute.

[00:17:36] Robert Thompson: which is I don't know what's your lesser or two? Oh, I 

[00:17:40] Bob Gatty: don't know. I think I take Nick Haley over Sarah Palin, just cuz she's cuter.

[00:17:44] Sarah Palin to me. I don't want to I don't like calling people names and things like that. It's not nice to do. There's a, looks like a freaking horse. Remember the, she looks like a fricking horse to me. Geez. Oh, flip. I'm looking at her and I'm going like, oh my God. . She was elected governor.

[00:18:06] Arthur Hill: I'll tell you, Nikki Haley scares me. As a Democrat. 

[00:18:12] Bob Gatty: She should. Cause she, sounds so nice and everything, but when you listen to what comes out of her mouth, yeah she's, right wing personified. And then, that, of course we got this Tim Scott who thinks he's he's, gonna run for president and he's just he's nothing, I can't see. 

[00:18:45] Robert Thompson: CNN they have a story. Many republicans may run for president and most don't stand a chance. Yeah. I was gonna ask, what is Nikki Haley even doing these days? She's not the governor, right? 

[00:18:56] Bob Gatty: She's not the governor. She's not the she's certainly not the ambassador to the United Nations, which Trump appointed her to, which is why she's not governor anymore cuz she took that job. Henry McMaster got elected governor and then got reelected and you talk about her right wing nut case wacko, that's Henry 

[00:19:21] Robert Thompson: mc. So she just put her finger in there, air and said, oh, I think I'll run for president this week.

[00:19:25] Bob Gatty: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. So anyway, there's a long way to go, but these guys these, two are certainly long shots. But I'll tell you what it looks not South Carolina put itself in a pretty good position to be influential though in the in the selection process with the Democrats making it the first state in the primary season.

[00:19:53] Yeah. As a reward for turning things to, to Biden last time around. And, then the Republicans looks like they're gonna be the fourth state to have a primary. And if that's the case, that'll put them up in. Front end of things too. And, I saw a story today that said that there's gonna be probably a three week delay between when the Republican primary in South Carolina is held.

[00:20:36] And, the one prior to that, and I can't remember the state that would be prior to that, but there'd be three weeks there for South Carolina to be getting a whole bunch of attention. I think that probably it's gonna be a, pretty busy time in South Carolina and, they're going to be they're going to, but you know what, it's, it Politics is not the only news we have here in South Carolina.

[00:21:02] You know that we had a Chinese spy balloon here. 

[00:21:08] Arthur Hill: Oh yeah. 

[00:21:10] Robert Thompson: It's, all those Canadians coming down to Myrtle Beach, , 

[00:21:14] Bob Gatty: and they, there are a lot of them. But anyway we have this Chinese spy balloon. It was shot down. They waited for it to get off the coast before they took it down.

[00:21:32] and I've seen pictures of the debris and it looks like just one gigantic plastic bag that they that blew away. And now they're saying all those other ones that they've shot down were benign. They didn't have anything going on. They don't even know who sponsored them. That's ridiculous. I don't understand that.

[00:21:57] How is it they don't know where these things came from? Before they shot 'em down? I don't understand that you guys. 

[00:22:06] Arthur Hill: If it's in the, if it's as I understand it, if it's in the if the object is traveling in US airspace, it's supposed to have a transponder that the FAA can see that 

[00:22:20] Tells 'em they're Yeah. 

[00:22:23] And the, Chinese didn't do that with the first. And I understand that there weren't any transponders on any of the other ones either, so nobody knew they were there. The other thing is that apparently the NORAD radar wasn't calibrated enough so that it could pick up objects like.

[00:22:48] Yeah, pick up missiles flying into the country, I guess Nu nuclear tipped missiles. But they couldn't pick up balloons flying at 30,000 feet. So now, 

[00:22:59] Robert Thompson: The balloons is 60,000 feet and fly on a plane. It's normally around 30,000 feet, half of that. Yeah, I'm no expert in this, but. it, was just something new.

[00:23:13] And also the Chinese have come back and said we have those American balloons coming our way. Yeah. So I guess they were just standing at the border saying, okay, for every two or three years we're gonna send four or five back to you guys. So did those Canadians in Myrtle Beach have something to shoot at

[00:23:29] Bob Gatty: You guys watching and listening to this thing, I just wanna remind you, don't rely on material that we're thrown out here as being a hundred percent factual . We're, trying the best we can, but a lot of this is stuff that we think up and of course we all know that there were these balloons and all of that, but the details of these things a little bit, shady.

[00:23:59] I don't know. I don't want you guys quoting us putting it in the New York Times or whatever. That's, all I'm saying, . Now. Now besides the balloons. Besides the balloons here in South Carolina, we have a couple other things going on that, that are nationally in the national news, and one is a court case involving the Tiger King star, Doc Antle, he's got a first name that I can't pronounce but they call him Doc Antle and he's the owner of Myrtle Beach Safari. And he's been indicted on charges related to wildlife trafficking and money laundering. And he faces 20 years in prison if he's convicted. So that's a big deal. And that, that.

[00:24:57] Myrtle Beach Safari is a pretty popular destination around here, although I have to say I've never been to it . but this guy is on that Tiger King show, or was on that Tiger King show. 

[00:25:13] Robert Thompson: Anyway he buddies with the Murdaugh guy that is that his trial's going on down in the low country?

[00:25:22] Bob Gatty: Yeah. Murdaugh, Alex Murdaugh, , is that what you're talking about? 

[00:25:27] Robert Thompson: They, sound like birds of a feather. I'm just saying . 

[00:25:30] Bob Gatty: Sorry, a feather. Alex Murdaugh, he was once a prominent lawyer here. He's on trial for killing his wife and son. And as the trial goes on, more and more stuff comes out about his financial shenanigans and I think this guy is in serious deep shit trouble. 

[00:25:54] Robert Thompson: No, he's just gonna run for President . 

[00:25:58] Bob Gatty: There you go. 

[00:25:59] Robert Thompson: Cause it's, a it's, a one lane road, South Carolina indictments, presidency. And there you are. So 

[00:26:06] Bob Gatty: there you are. There, you are. But you know what, this guy he, comes from very well known and powerful political family.

[00:26:17] His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, all three served as top prosecutors in, their area of South Carolina. So I guess you could say that Alex Murdaugh is the black sheep of the family. , I guess you could say . Cause he's definitely in deep shit trouble. 

[00:26:43] Robert Thompson: Sounds like it's perfect Republican candidate to me.

[00:26:46] Bob Gatty: Yeah. A perfect candidate. 

[00:26:49] Arthur Hill: Didn't he also steal a lot of money from his clients? Aren't they accusing him of that too? 

[00:26:53] Bob Gatty: Yeah, All kinds of stuff like that. And yeah he's in If he actually did kill his wife and his son.

[00:27:04] That's, I don't know. That's really tough. 

[00:27:08] Arthur Hill: Speaking of stealing money in Georgia are they getting ready to indict Trump?

[00:27:16] Is Trump about ready to get indicted in Georgia? 

[00:27:19] Robert Thompson: Oh tomorrow.

[00:27:21] So we are recording the day after Valentine's Day, the 15th. Last I read tomorrow the sixteenth there may be some more information so we, we shall see. Oh, wow. 

[00:27:35] Bob Gatty: But no indictments. 

[00:27:37] Robert Thompson: We shall see. Stay tuned. 

[00:27:40] Bob Gatty: Okay. In other words, he doesn't know. Yeah, that's what I was the point I was making a little while ago when I told you guys not to pay any attention to the details.

[00:27:50] Cause shit, we don't even, we don't know. We're, just passing on this.

[00:27:57] Oh man, 

[00:27:59] Arthur Hill: Marjorie Taylor Green told me that he was not gonna be indicted. . 

[00:28:02] Bob Gatty: She told you that? 

[00:28:04] Arthur Hill: She told me that? Yeah. I called her up. Oh, did you? ? Yeah, I got her and 

[00:28:10] Bob Gatty: she called me up, wanted to be on our show, and I told her no. 

[00:28:14] Arthur Hill: Oh wow, that'd be great. So 

[00:28:16] Robert Thompson: she, also wanted to debate aoc. Can you imagine AOC and Marjorie? And then debate

[00:28:22] There would be snatching of hair, throat. I 

[00:28:27] Bob Gatty: snatch, snatching. I like that word. Yeah. Alright. Snatching. Snatching of. 

[00:28:35] Arthur Hill: And then how about this the committee that's investigating the weaponization of government I'm writing our next newsletter and I'm comparing this thing to the old House on UN-American Activities Committee.

[00:28:57] Yeah, I guess Bob, and I are old enough to remember that. I'm not sure. I'm not sure Robert is, but but I, think there's some, I think there's some parallels here. I think there's gonna be a, parade of innocent federal employees going on national TV and getting blasted by Jim Jordan.

[00:29:21] Robert Thompson: Oh yeah. Jim Jordan. Don't get me started on that guy

[00:29:27] Bob Gatty: yeah, that's for sure. I, met him one time on Capitol Hill. I had to go to a a meeting. One of my clients when I had, my communications company was the convenience distribution association organization whose members distribute products to convenience stores, candy and tobacco principally.

[00:29:55] Anyhow, they had a they, had their day on the hill thing and where they come to Washington and meet with members of Congress and, their staff and whine and carry on about too much taxes and too much this and too much that. Anyhow, we had him, they had a meeting with Jim Jordan and I went to the thing and he was sitting there behind his desk and his without his jacket out at his short, in his short sleeves.

[00:30:29] Like he always. and it just went a jerk. I just have to say j just a jerk. So anyhow, 

[00:30:41] Arthur Hill: I think he revels in it. 

[00:30:43] Bob Gatty: Yeah, I think he does too. I think he likes being disliked. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I dunno. When I was younger and I had to when I started my journalism career, I might have mentioned this last time, I used to have to cover school board meetings and county council meetings and things like that.

[00:31:03] And there was always some politician and it was almost always a Republican who was like, that just disliked by everybody and they wouldn't shut up and they kept whining about all the little nitty gritty things that nobody really cared about and just always seemed to be somebody like that. And that's Jim Jordan to me.

[00:31:26] I just, I don't like the guy. 

[00:31:31] Robert Thompson: Bob did, you happen to, did you interview a guy named is it Jason Markley? I know that I interviewed him, Jason Markley, I think it was his name. Maybe you wanna sit down, but he is deals with mental health a lot and I, we didn't quite, maybe I need to have him back on, or maybe we'll, bring him into one of these discussions.

[00:31:52] But these folks that are just so extreme with their political stances and you can't reason with 'em there's something mentally going wrong there and he was a, good person to bounce some of these questions off. 

[00:32:10] Bob Gatty: So that sounds like somebody we might want to have on this show if you want to invite him.

[00:32:15] Robert Thompson: Yeah. I'll, have to go back to my notes and find his info. 

[00:32:18] Bob Gatty: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. I don't have anything else. You guys got anything else to 

[00:32:26] Arthur Hill: I'm tapped out. Yeah. You guys know everything I know. 

[00:32:31] Robert Thompson: Okay now, don't drink the Kool-Aid. 

[00:32:34] Bob Gatty: We provided our listeners and viewers with the proper warning.

[00:32:40] Don't take anything we say too seriously. And I'll put a plug out there for my podcast, Lean to the Left, which this is part of, and I hope you guys check it out. Increasing numbers of subscribers on my YouTube up to almost 3,500 subscribers now, which is a big jump. And I want to put a plug in there for for Roberts Got damn Liberals podcast.

[00:33:20] Tell us a little bit about it, Robert. 

[00:33:23] Robert Thompson: Yeah Mostly I've been with you guys monthly. But I did have a a recent episode I did with a friend that he wrote a a memoir, I guess you would call it Growing Up Gay. And so that episode's out there. Sure. You wanna check that out? He he, was more patient than I am to actually sit down and write the book.

[00:33:46] So maybe one day I'll, have that same patience. 

[00:33:50] Bob Gatty: Okay. I want to also call attention to the fact that this I think it was late January was the 50th anniversary of the treaty that really ended the US participation in the Vietnam War. I have two episodes on Lean to the Left Commemorating that.

[00:34:17] One is with a historian by the name of Bob Buzzanco, who is a wonderful resource of information about military activities. Interviewed him about the Ukraine war with Russia shortly after it started. I think it was last March. And and, then just posted the interview with him putting into perspective the Vietnam War and the aftermath of it, how it came to a conclusion..

[00:34:59] And then I interviewed another guy named Robin Bartlett, who at age 22 was a combat platoon leader, helicopters. And he talks in this episode about how it was that he came face to face with the enemy and what he did. On one occasion, he shot the guy. On the other occasion, he turned around and took off.

[00:35:35] And he didn't mind, he didn't mind explaining why he did that and what he did. He talked about, how it was his job as a, he was an officer, he was a first Lieutenant. He was in command of 32 members of his platoon that he had to be responsible for when they went into a, fight and in the combat.

[00:36:09] And he talked about how it was his job to fill out the death card of these young men who were killed, noting the location, the precise location of it, the time, the date, et cetera, on a three by five index card. It was also his job to wrap the body and prepare it for being sent home. Think about that. 22 years old, this guy had to do this. And he is now in his seventies and he still teared up when he talked about it in my interview. If you guys get a chance, I just wanna put in a, plug. It's a really, good, both of 'em really, good episodes. And if you are someone who lived through the Vietnam War as we did, as Arthur and I did, Robert's too young.

[00:37:12] It'll be of interest to you. I think so anyhow that's it for me. Anybody else got anything? Nope. Looking forward to the next time. Okay. All right. See you guys. Hang in there. Thanks for being with us and and we'll be 

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