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Sept. 26 -- Ryan Thompson: Special SC Candidates Edition--Now Streaming

Sept. 29 -- Brian Felgoise/David Tabatsky -- Filthy Rich Lawyers

Oct. 3 -- Alan Hesse -- The Captain Polo Climate Academy

Oct. 6 -- Kim Hamer -- Helping Friends Facing Cancer/Loss

Oct. 7 -- Ernest Carson: Special SC Candidates Edition

Oct. 10 -- Harry Glorkian -- Technology to Detect Disease

Oct. 13 -- Kim Sorrelle -- Turning Tragedy Into Love

Oct. 17 -- Dixie Dems -- Author Michael McDonald Brings Florida into the Mix

Oct. 20 -- Barbara Legere -- Loving and Learning Through Loss

Oct. 24 -- Alan Clark -- Soldiers Blood & Bloodied Money

Oct. 27 -- Elaine Mendoza -- Overcoming Hateful Labels

Oct. 31 -- Inez Ponomariovalte -- CDBA & Cannabis Law Reform

Nov. 3 -- Roger Smith -- Homelessness to CEO

Nov. 7 -- Doreen Padilla -- Author, Immigration Law Reform

Nov. 10 -- Ciahnan Darrell -- Role of Literature in Social Justice

Nov. 14 -- Rich Jacobs -- From the Inside: Prison Reform








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